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Bless Jim Lucas.

Whenever there’s a mass shooting in America, Republican state Rep. Seymour, who really, really, really loves his guns, is quick to remind everyone that no matter how big the carnage , he and his fellow gun fetishists are the real victims of tragedy.

It is because the rest of us are all seemingly so desperate to take away his precious weapons that we are willing to sacrifice our friends and neighbors, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our spouses, ourselves and even our children to the cause. Nothing – I mean NOTHING! – means more to us than picking up Jim Lucas’ guns.

Maybe someone somewhere will explain the concept of projection to him.

The latest evidence of Lucas’ obsession came in the aftermath of the Highland Park, Illinois massacre. Even before the anguished screams of the shooting that claimed the lives of seven people had died down, Lucas struggled to bring the spotlight back to himself and his guns.

He had his panties in a twist because and several other news outlets had noticed one of his posts on Facebook. In it, Lucas speculated that the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting — a horror in which 19 small children were slaughtered — might be a “false flag” operation designed for, you guessed it. , allow the federal government to come and get its weapons.


When quite a few people, myself included, suggested that Lucas’ notion was – we’ll be charitable here – more than a little goofy, the state representative got pissed.

It is normal for him to suggest that other people are eager to sacrifice little children by the hundreds and thousands to obtain his weapons, but, in his eyes, it is a grave offense for anyone to suggest that what he says makes no sense.

Because, once again, we must remember that, in Lucas-world, Jim Lucas and his guns are always the real victims.

Not the 2-year-old who lost both parents in the Highland Park shootings.

Nor the young woman who saw her mother shot before her eyes and had only a second to say goodbye before the girl herself rushed to safety.

No, our sympathies should be reserved only for Jim Lucas and his guns.


All the time.

When the mayor of Uvalde said he had lost faith in the state of Texas investigation into the shooting and feared a cover-up was taking place, Lucas claimed his vindication.

He took to social media to taunt the media and journalists who dared to question him. He even wrote a response to an editorial in a local newspaper, complaining that the author had not signed his name.


Editorials are unsigned because they represent the institutional voice of the journal, not the viewpoint of any particular individual. That means not just one person, but the opinion ops of an entire newspaper thought Lucas’s notions were – again, we’ll be charitable – just a little crazy.

But back to Uvalde and the concerns of the mayor.

The mayor worried that Texas officials were covering things up not to cover up a massive federal government conspiracy to take people’s guns – Lucas’ fevered fantasy – but to cover up their own clumsiness and incompetence. They try to hide the fact that they’re failures, not that they’re omnipotent villains bent on world domination.

The fact that Lucas thinks the mayor’s thoughts “justify” him is vintage Jim Lucas. He hates facts almost as much as he loves guns.

His argument here is equivalent to saying that “dumb” and “unconscious” mean exactly the same thing because they both start with the letter “o”.

But that’s the problem with conspiracy theorists. Everything, whether it fits or even makes sense, must be pushed into their obsessive notion of a vast hidden plan.

In Lucas’s case, that means everyone who hasn’t elevated gun worship to the status of a new religion is persecuting him simply because we’d like to see fewer innocent people die in gun-related tragedies.

This is why he always brings the conversation back to the inanimate objects that are his firearms rather than the human beings who have been killed and injured. It’s also why he seems to care more about “proving” his latest wacky idea than saying that a 2-year-old just lost both parents for no good or understandable reason.

Bless him.

John Krull is director of the Pulliam School of Journalism at Franklin College and editor of, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students. The opinions expressed by the author do not reflect the views of Franklin College.

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