Disney’s Encanto: 10 Ways It’s The Deepest Disney Movie Yet

Encanto is Disney’s latest feature film and the studio’s 60th animated feature. Encanto is the most stimulating film the studio has produced. The animated fantasy musical focuses on an enchanted Colombian village run by the Madrigal family. The madrigals are blessed with a magic candle which gives the children of the matriarch special gifts.

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EncantoThe central character of is Mirabel Madrigal, the only one who has not received a magical gift. Mirabel ultimately saves the magic and the family. Encanto and its themes make them the deepest and most meaningful Disney films to date.

ten Disney has gone a long way in representing other races and cultures

Meet the madrigals from the movie Encanto

Some of Disney’s animated films have drawn criticism over the portrayal of non-white characters and their different cultures. Fortunately, what is considered acceptable has changed dramatically.

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Disney still struggles with past films such as Southern Song. The representation of Amerindians in the years 1953 Peter Pan is an example, Dumbo (1941), and the 1970s The Aristocats. Encanto ‘The depiction of Colombian culture makes the film an allegory of the Latinx people and Colombia, and stays true to true Colombian culture.

9 The history of the internal conflict in Colombia is described but does not define the history

Encanto does not hesitate to recognize the violent and eventful history of Colombia, but does not make it the main object. EncantoAbuela Alma Madrigal’s opening sequence recounts how the family received their miracle at five-year-old Mirabel, moments before her ceremony.

Encanto never reveals the year it takes place, but clues placed throughout suggest it takes place in the mid-20th century. Alma and her husband were probably fleeing their home due to the Thousand Day War, a civil war that ravaged Colombia from 1899 to 1902.

8 Encanto hijacks Disney’s best-known storytelling formula

CBR Encanto Don't talk about Bruno

Over the years, Disney’s formula implies that the protagonist has an external conflict to resolve. Encanto is one of the few, if not the first, to change this script. There is no clear villain. Although the family and the community are more than eager to blame Bruno (voiced by John Leguizamo) for any ills that befall them due to his gift for predicting the future.

EncantoThe conflict of is a conflict involving the relationship that the family has with each other and with Maribel. This family conflict feels real and goes beyond the pastiche of Evil Sister-in-Law / Bad Mother-in-Law, making Encantoresolution of a cathartic moment worthy of the Disney name.

seven Mirabel Madrigal is not the typical Disney protagonist

Mirabel Madrigal, the protagonist of Encanto, is one of the most unique main characters to lead a Disney movie. Mirabel is not a princess to be saved, nor does she embark on a dangerous journey to save her people or her way of life. Instead, she is confident, wanting only the best for her family, despite not having received a magical gift.

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Her lack of a magical gift makes her more in tune with the events of her family members and magic as a whole. This type of characterization of the main character is a refreshing break from the usual Disney trope.

6 Encanto uses symbols like the butterfly to represent the magic and the journey of Mirabel

Encanto is full of smybols such as the butterfly

The use of symbolism in Encanto is seen openly and subtly as a metaphor for madrigals. The butterfly is the symbol that appears on the candle, which represents the blessing of the family of magical gifts. The butterfly is also what Mirabel sees in Bruno’s vision, leading him to believe that she can save the family and their gifts.

The butterfly, an important part of Mirabel’s dress design, also describes her journey and the transforming relationship with Abuela Alma. The butterfly metaphor is captured perfectly in the song Dos Oruguitas, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by Sebastián Yatra. Dos Oruguitas tells the story of two caterpillars who become butterflies and find their future.

5 Encanto has modern pop culture references that are seamlessly integrated into the story

CBR Encanto has many pop culture references woven into history

Encanto has Easter eggs for the adult audience. The first reference occurs while Mirabel is in the nursery before the Antonio Gate ceremony. Mirabel sits on the bed and hangs the gift she gave him, saying the package will self-destruct in three seconds, referring to Impossible mission.

Luisa’s song, where she sings about being the only one carrying the burdens of the family, is peppered with pop culture references such as Titanic, Suspense, the doors of Monsters Inc., and she Superman pose as it is launched from the geyser. The references fit perfectly into Encanto without missing a beat of history.

4 Encanto is Pixar-esque and works in the main Disney universe

CBR Encanto could be part of the Pixar studio catalog

The magical abilities that the characters possess are expertly mixed with real-life situations, which creates a sense of magical realism. In its animation style and the construction of its history, Encanto looks like Pixar movies: Soul, Luca, and coconut. The films deal with similar themes: belonging, being part of a family and coming of age. Encanto is more about Mirabel’s personal journey, finding his place and confronting the differences in his family, rather than confronting a stereotypical villain.

3 Encanto Accurately Shows What It Is To Be An Ungifted Person In A Group Of Gifted People

In Encanto, Agustin talks with Mirabel about what it feels like not to be exceptional in a family of exceptional people. Agustin (Wilmer Valderrama) and Julita (Angie Cepeda) are their daughter’s most prominent supporters, as is Mirabel’s cousin Antonio. Uncle Felix from Mirabel belittles Mirabel because she has no magic gift.

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Agustin and Félix were married in the family and have no gifts, offer a contrasting glimpse into the existing dynamics of the family. Encanto depicts the life of the non-exceptional among the exceptional.

2 Casita, the sensitive home of Encanto, is a central figure in the story

CBR Encanto Casita is also one of the important characters in the film.

In Disney movies, it’s not uncommon for inanimate objects to come to life or become part of history. Encanto takes that to the next level with Casita – an important character that we interact with frequently. Casita was given to the family as part of the Magic Candle Miracle. Casita also passes on supernatural doors and gifts to children when they come of age. All along Encanto, Mirabel is one of the few family members to interact regularly with Casita. Casita helps Mirabel when she tries to keep the candle from going out.

1 Encanto spawned plenty of fan theories that could explain some of the offscreen events

There are a lot of theories about the events of Encanto

Unlike other Disney movies, Encanto spawned many different fan-based theories. These theories surround the Madrigals, Casita, Bruno, why Mirabel did not receive a gift, and the future of the family and the village. Many questions remain unanswered, which opens up discussions about what Encanto means to the viewer. It may even take a few re-glances to find clues and answers.

Maybe Mirabel didn’t get a gift because Casita knew the magic was broken. By not giving Mirabel a gift, she would be more sensitive to the needs of the village. Maybe these interpretations are the real power and magic behind Encanto.

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