Don’t Starve Together Update 2.32 kicks off the winter party this December 16

Klei has released a new title update to bring some joy to gamers as the Don’t Starve Together patch 2.32 is out this December 16th! This sees the return of Winter’s Feast, alongside new skins and more! Read the Don’t Starve Together patch notes for this December 16.

Don’t Starve Together patch 2.32 patch notes:

Don’t Starve Together Patch 2.32 – 12/16/2021 (PlayStation 4)

Today we have our next character refresh! We also have new skins and a new short, new streaming drops, and the return of Winter’s Feast!

Don’t Starve Together: The Incredible Strong Man
Wolfgang has always bragged about his strength, but after an embarrassing incident revealed that his power was a bit over the top, he found himself anxious to accept any opportunity to get stronger … whatever the source of doubt.

Here are the details:

  • Instead of being directly tied to his hunger, Wolfgang’s forms are now controlled by a new Might Meter.
    • To fill the power meter, Wolfgang must train with one of his new craftable items.
    • The counter goes down over time and the drainage rate is determined by Wolfgang’s Hunger, the hungrier it gets the faster it goes down
  • Wolfgang’s linear values ​​are now constants
  • Wolfgang freezes and overheats faster when in his Wimpy form, but slower when he is Mighty
  • When Mighty Wolfgang can haul heavy items faster. It does not lose power while carrying heavy objects
  • Mighty Wolfgang works faster for chopping wood, mining, or hammering objects
  • Wolfgang is a more efficient rower when mighty
  • His speed no longer changes with his forms
  • Wolfgang’s hunger and health are now at a maximum of 200 in any form
  • Wolfgang’s sanity rate changes based on the number of friends and foes in his company
  • Deals more damage when Mighty and less when Wimpy. Also takes additional damage in Wimpy form
  • Wolfgang can build a Gym Station structure
    • The player will have to use the gym to gain power
    • Players can load the gym with different heavy items to change its efficiency
    • Consume hunger while players train
  • Wolfgang can craft a consumable dumbbell item to restore his power on the move. It does not consume hunger and can be used as a weapon

A note on this refreshment
When we started these character updates, we approached them saying, “This is what we add to a character so that people who like that character like them more. We made X more like X ”. In this case, we knew (as many gamers suspected) that Wolfgang was going to need a little nerve-racking. Obviously this is going to cause some friction, so we approached Wolfgang in a way that would focus his role and enhance the character’s fantasy rather than just doing what he’s already done, only better. The result is a more specialized character focused on being “the strong man” both in combat and out of combat. We certainly keep an eye out for comments, but we’d love for you all to give it some time and let us know what you think.

New skins!


Wolfgang luxury wardrobe: Including the new “The Incredible Strong Man” set of skins.
The Merrymaker Survivors Chest Second part: includes 6 new “Merrymaker” skin sets.

New streaming drops!

We’re bringing a whole new set of streams to See this article for more details.

The winter party has arrived!

winter party_2021_flat_02.jpg

  • Unusual holidays
    • Winter skins have appeared to immerse our survivors in the spirit of winter, and for a limited time, the chances of receiving a rare gift have been greatly increased!
  • Party outfit for the holidays
    • For the duration of the Winter’s Feast event, players will have access to a free set of skins. The Christmas overcoat, the Christmas dress, the Jingly top hat, the gingerbread chest and the plum pudding hat.

New Klei Rewards!
The Winter’s Feast contraction skins from the previous year, the Klaus Cap and the Winter Wardrobe return to the rewards page. As well as the lantern of the winter festival. The existing Winter’s Feast lantern converts to Timeless, and the new Loyal variant is available on the rewards page.

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