Dragon Ball: 10 ways the show is cliché


There are many prolific animated series that have left their mark on the medium, but Akira Toriyama’s Dragon ball has become a permanent part of the shonen genre. Dragon ball tells a traditional action-based story where protagonist Goku and his allies fend off evil threats that wish to harm the planet.

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Dragon ball To showed constant change since its debut, whether in response to the series’ reach or the strength of its heroes and villains, which has helped the iconic series persevere for so long. Dragon ball is considered a fundamental action anime, but it still succumbs to certain stereotypes and clichés that are common in the middle.

ten Goku always becomes the winner

One of the biggest recurring trends in Dragon ball is that Goku is almost always the one to make the victory deal and celebrate the great victory. Certainly Goku is Dragon ball main character, but the series frequently takes a teamwork approach to its battles.

The development of all the other characters begins to have less impact when it is obvious that Goku is going to reappear to save the day. Goku’s accomplishments are often worth celebrating, but the series must share the love.

9 Deaths are reversed with the Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball Z - Future Resurrected Trunks

It’s an unbelievably dark moment the first time a character dies in Dragon ball. Soon after, it’s clear that the Dragon Balls’ wish-granting powers are capable of bringing people back to life, under the right circumstances. It’s a rewarding prospect, but it’s abused regularly to the point where death carries very little weight in the series.

Several characters, including Goku, have been resurrected multiple times. Stronger restrictions had to be established because now death only looks like a momentary setback.

8 Human characters will never be important

Anime Dragon Ball Super Gohan Avoids Yamcha Tournament of Power

One of the most important changes that we have seen in Dragon ball This is how the series gradually moves away from powerful human characters. When the anime begins there is a wealth of human characters and we don’t even know that Goku is a Saiyan. As the series continues, the Saiyans become the most important characters and the human fighters slowly recede into the background.

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Even the humans who remain, like Krillin and Master Roshi, feel superficial in nature. Fans want to see these characters become important again, but Dragon ball settled in a territory too strong for humans.

7 Goku still shows sympathy for the villain

There are a lot of important qualities that go into a hero and Goku is an individual who can tap into an aggressive fighting spirit, but is also often cavalier and light with his approach to combat. Goku understands that true evil must be destroyed, but he has a bad habit of believing that most enemies are capable of redemption.

This led to Goku rewarding the villains with Senzu Beans and giving them an unnecessary second chance, much to the frustration of his friends and the audience. It’s a bad habit that Goku can’t break.

6 Frieza will never really be gone

Anime Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Goku Frieza Android 17 Team Attack

There is a wide range of creative villains who have attacked Goku and his company in Dragon Ball, but the series repeatedly pushes the idea that Frieza is the ultimate antagonist. The rivalry that exists between Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta is palpable, as is Frieza’s poisonous history with the Saiyans.

Frieza has met his end on more than one occasion, yet Dragon ball continually finds ways to bring it back. This reached its peak in Dragon ball super when Frieza actually becomes a reluctant ally and is rewarded with his life.

5 Introducing New Super Saiyan Forms and Transformations

Anime Dragon Ball Z Goku Super Saiyan 3 Energy Transformation

One of the most satisfying moments of all of Dragon ball This is when Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time. This transformation changes the series forever, and many powerful new forms have followed in Super Saiyan’s footsteps.

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These transformations are exciting, but they have become somewhat repetitive as characters reach Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3 and beyond. It is common for a new Super Saiyan transformation to be the key to victory and the public is used to this development.

4 Vegeta’s advantage over the villain becomes useless

Anime Dragon Ball SS Blue Vegeta Punches Golden Frieza

The dynamic between Goku and Vegeta is part of Dragon ball‘s most rewarding relationships, but even she fell into a repetitive rut in some ways. There are many battles where Vegeta presents himself triumphantly with a new technique or a burst of power and it looks like he’s going to take out the enemy.

These turns of events almost always end with Vegeta’s quick loss of luck, his humiliation, and Goku ultimately taking over. This scheme reduced the impact of Vegeta’s attacks as it is assumed they will fail.

3 More Saiyans will always come out of the woodwork

Planet Vegeta, the home planet of the Saiyans, has been destroyed by Frieza. It means that the warrior race is in danger and there are a very small number of survivors. Despite this tragedy, Dragon ball continues to find ways to randomly insert more Saiyans into the story, with some cases, like Vegeta’s brother Tarble, feeling particularly overlooked.

The public know that Saiyans are meant to be rare, but it becomes less and less of a surprise whenever new Saiyans show up. This became even more glaring with the many Saiyans in Universe 6.

2 Earth will never be permanently destroyed

Goku and his company are usually up to the task when it comes to protecting Earth, but there are still a few rare instances where the heroes fail and the planet is threatened with destruction.

It’s a crazy turn of events when this first happens, but Dragon ball has devised ways to reverse that decision, whether it’s through Whis’ hands-on Time Do-Over or Omni-King Zeno’s infinite powers. The earth destruction suddenly becomes irrelevant when the audience knows it can just be reversed.

1 The rivalry continues that exists between Goku and Vegeta

Anime that have hundreds of episodes under their belt usually have the luxury of lengthy character development that is fun to play. From the moment Goku and Vegeta meet, it becomes clear that they are destined to be rivals who continually push each other to higher levels of power.

The friendly rivalry dynamic between Goku and Vegeta is deeply gratifying, but it has also become a cliché. Made up arguments between the two of them and made up reasons why they can’t work as a team keep popping up.

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