Dragon Ball Super Season 2 release date, characters, and plot


There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding Season 2 of “Dragon Ball Super,” but fans can probably expect it to air within a year or two. The next “Dragon Ball Super” movie will be released in 2022, and Toei Animation will likely flaunt the premieres a bit. Since the premiere of the first “Super” movie (titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”) in December, the next film in the spinoff saga may also premiere in the winter – leaving Season 2 of “Dragon Ball Super” to begin soon. the beginning. like 2023.

International Business Times has reported a possible clue that Toei host Florence Jay Dominguito has given on the future of “Dragon Ball Super”. In a recent interview on the Dragon Ball website, Dominguito opened up about his hopes for the future of the franchise, stating, “As a fan, I look forward to new movies and merchandise. excited about the new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super. “

Fans speculated that this meant season 2 of “Dragon Ball Super” was absolutely on his way, but as IBT pointed out, there may have been a translation error: “Japanese translator and social media influencer Ken Xyro pointed out what Toei’s host said -” I am also excited to see if there will be a new continuation of the dragon ball super tv anime. ‘”Whether it’s an accidental slip or a rumor that has escalated, it’s clear fans want more “Dragon Ball Super” and are eagerly awaiting the announcement.

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