Elementary: 4 Quick Things We Know About the Next Pixar Movie

Pixar movies have always been a wonderful source for introducing audiences to new and exciting worlds, like one where superheroes exist or another where the monsters that live in our closets reside. It could even include a reintroduction to our own familiar surroundings from a new perspective (such as the toy story movies), a reintroduction to ourselves through a more introspective lens (like how Upside down explores our inner feelings), or a world that exists beyond life itself (with characters who no longer live and are not yet born into the Soul voice cast). A recurring theme among the titles mentioned above (and in many other Pixar classics) is the personification of inanimate objects or abstract concepts to symbolize a more grounded theme.

It seems that such a tradition is maintained with Elementary – Pixar Animation’s latest production will be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The upcoming animated fantasy has already garnered a lot of anticipation from the studio’s fans ever since it released its concept art and some other unique and intriguing plot details in May 2022. We’ll be sure to let you know. everything that has been confirmed so far. on what the story will be and more about Pixar’s next feature effort in our next guide, but we’ll start by revealing when you can see it.

Luca and Alberto in Pixar's Luca

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Elemental is set to release Summer 2023

Pixar has already seen two of its own original films make it into the 2022 movie releases recently. In March, turn red was a hit with critics and audiences alike after dropping exclusively on Disney+, and June saw the universe begin toy story derivative films, Light year – the studio’s first feature film to receive a theatrical release in nearly two years after Disney’s streaming service became its primary home amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, it looks like another big wait is in order for Pixar fans who can’t wait to see Elementary.

The animation studio’s next major film (which will also be its 27th feature film overall) is currently slated for release on Friday, June 16, 2023. However, we have yet to confirm that Elementary will be a theatrical release or another exclusive for audiences with a Disney+ subscription. We could have assumed that we would see it on the big screen with Light year getting such treatment this year, but after its less than stellar box office results in its opening weekend, seeing more Pixar movies go straight to streaming is a possibility.

Concept art for Pixar's Elemental

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Elemental takes place in a world where elements like water and fire are people

However, I really hope that Light yearThe failure to “soar” to number one in its debut does not prevent Elementary to get a theatrical release. After learning what the movie is going to be about, I think it will be an experience worth seeing on the big screen. As revealed when his concept art was released, the title of Elementary refers to the film’s setting: a world inhabited by natural elements such as earth, water, fire and air that have taken on an anthropomorphic form.

The story will primarily focus on the relationship between a hot-tempered, fire-based female character named Ember and a more fluid, water-based male character named Wade, who begin to discover they have more in common with each other. other than two people of their respective genders would expect. At this time, it is unknown who will play these characters or who else may appear in the Elementary voice distribution. An appearance by Pixar’s lucky charm John Ratzenberger is certainly possible, despite his surprising absence from the last three studio releases (opens in a new tab): Lucas, turn redand Light year.

Arlo and Spot in The Good Dinosaur

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Peter Sohn directs Elemental

A person whose participation in the production of Elementary can be confirmed is the one leading the dance from behind the scenes: director Peter Sohn. The filmmaker’s experience in animation dates back to the early 2000s with his work at Warner Bros. on The Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones.

His tenure at Pixar began when he worked as a writer and production artist for The world of Nemo, before taking on various responsibilities on several other favorites, including providing the voice of Squishy in monster university in 2013. Sohn, whose first directing effort was the 2009 short, Partly cloudywill mark his second feature film as a director with Elementary after 2015 The good dinosaur.

Also working behind the scenes of Elementary is Denise Ream, who has already produced four other Pixar films – At the top, Cars 2, toy story 4and the above The good dinosaur. After making her debut as a production assistant on the 1989 horror sequel Curse II: The Biteshe became best known in Hollywood as a visual effects producer for Industrial Light and Magic, helping to create on-screen magic in films like 1997’s men in black, Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001, or Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sithin which she also made an appearance in 2005.

Peter Sohn as Squishy in Monsters University

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Elemental is inspired by the childhood of Peter Sohn

While the anthropomorphic characters of the earth element at the center of Elementary are certainly a new and inventive concept, it actually comes from a more grounded and personal source. Along with the release’s concept art and plot details for the film, director Peter Sohn testified to how his own experiences growing up inspired the story:

My parents immigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and built a bustling grocery store in the Bronx. We were part of many families who ventured into a new land with hopes and dreams – all blending into one big salad bowl of cultures, languages ​​and beautiful little neighborhoods. That’s what led me to Elemental. Our story is based on the classic elements: fire, water, earth and air. Some elements mix, some don’t. What if these elements were alive?

Knowing that this otherwise weird and fantastical concept is based on real human experiences (a hot topic Pixar has delved into many times before, of course) makes us even more eager to see Elementary. Summer 2023 can’t come fast enough!

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