Enhance your “Come Follow Me” studies with Noah’s Ark building blocks and sets

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If your children’s eyes are glazed over during your family “Come, Follow Me” study sessions, you may want to consider bringing the stories to life. Although all children learn differently, there are many ways to help your children participate in learning as a family. Listening or acting out a story, reading scriptures, looking at a picture or watching a video, singing, creating, participating in object lessons, role-playing, and repeating activities are all ways your child learns new things. concepts.

With Brick’em Young building sets and figures, you can recreate iconic Bible stories in a way that will captivate even the most restless kids.

Learning the Old Testament

With a variety of rooms, configurations, and scene recreations of your weekly Come, Follow Me chats are endless. As you read and discuss Bible stories and principles, your children can build the scene and visualize the story in front of them.

You can choose from a variety of minifigure sets, including Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale and Moses minifigures – perfect for use with the 2022 “Come, Follow Me” goal to study life. ‘Old Testament.

The Brick’em Young website also includes a free downloadable instruction manual to give a better idea of ​​the different Bible stories kids can tell with this set. These sets make a great Sunday afternoon activity after your Come, Follow Me talk.

The family that unites, sticks together

The creation of Brick’Em Young began in 2014 with the Calton family’s desire to teach their children the importance of temples while living in Shanghai, several hours from the nearest temple in Hong Kong.

Inspired by their son’s love for small plastic building blocks, Suzanne and Tim Calton decided to create and sell a large model of the Salt Lake Temple with approximately 1,500 pieces.

Isaiah & Jaxson from Arizona
Isaiah & Jaxson from Arizona

Seven years later, their family and their business have grown. The Caltons have expanded their temple sets to include over a dozen models, with new sets and figures added every year. The Caltons have since returned to the United States from China with their two sons and three adopted Chinese daughters.

This business not only helped teach the importance of temples, but it created an opportunity for families to bond.

“Many parents have expressed excitement about having a project for their kids that doesn’t involve electronics,” Suzanne said. “It’s an ideal activity because it connects faith, family and fun.”

Temple sets

Especially now, it is important for children to learn the meaning of the temple and keep their eyes on the prize. Get your kids actively thinking about temple worship with new building sets like the Las Vegas and Laie Hawaii temples.

Additionally, Brick’em Young currently offers temple sets for Salt Lake, Bountiful, Mesa, Oakland, Provo City Center, Cardston Canada, Logan, Manti, St. George, Idaho Falls and more.

Larger temple sets take between 3 and 8 hours, depending on the design. A smaller set of Salt Lake Temples is also available for younger builders.

chris from utah
chris from utah

The larger Brick’em Young temple sets are recommended for ages 12 and up, although younger children may enjoy working with an older sibling to build the models.

For a simpler activity for ages 8 and up, the missionary, nativity scene, bride and groom, and figurine sets are easier to assemble, as well as the small Salt Lake Temple set.

With an average build time of 3-5 hours depending on the set and number of pieces, this is the perfect activity for the whole family during the winter months.

For three days only, you can receive the Moses and Joah figurines for free with the purchase of the Noah’s Ark box! This promotion ends February 6, so hurry up and order yours today.

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