Facebook could be forced to revise its child safety policy! Does FB benefit young users?


Facebook is, once again, facing yet another lawsuit after U.S. lawmakers accused the giant social media platform of exploiting young users for profit.

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In this photo illustration, the social networking site Facebook is displayed on a laptop screen on March 25, 2009 in London, England. The UK government has made proposals that would force social networking sites like Facebook to pass on the details of users, friends and contacts to help fight terrorism.

They claimed that Facebook posts could have adverse effects on teens, which could affect their mental health. On Thursday, September 30, the online platform faced a new Senate hearing titled “Protecting Kids Online: Facebook, Instagram, and Mental Health Harms”.

The meeting revealed stories of how the company’s social media service is affecting children and FB’s alleged activities to publicly play down this issue.

One of those issues revolves around her Instagram. Authorities have claimed that the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app adversely affects young users, especially teenage girls, especially when it comes to their physical appearance.

Will Facebook be forced to change its child safety policy?

Growing concerns about Facebook’s service could force the US government to change its child safety policy, according to the latest Washington Post report.

Facebook could be forced to revise its child safety policy!  Does FB benefit young users?

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The photo taken on May 12, 2012 in Paris shows an illustration made with figurines installed in front of the Facebook home page. Facebook, already guaranteed to become one of America’s most valuable companies when it goes public later this month, must now convince investors in the next two weeks that it’s worth all the hype. Senior executives of the world’s leading social network.

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“Facebook has shown us once again that it is incapable of holding itself accountable,” Democratic Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal said, via CNET.

He added that Facebook doesn’t care about the mental health of its young consumers. Instead, the social media giant tends to focus on growing its service. Right now, US lawmakers are making drastic efforts to ensure that online platforms, especially Facebook, have a kid-friendly ecosystem.

Due to the problems it faces, some experts have claimed that a boycott of Facebook could take place. On the flip side, various Facebook-based research shows that Instagram is really toxic to teenage girls.

Facebook temporarily removes the child version of Instagram

Facebook is also adjusting its innovations so that the problems it faces don’t get worse.

One of his efforts is to put the child version of Instagram on hold. The move came after children’s advocacy groups forced FB to shut down its new service called “Instagram Kids.”

This detail has been confirmed by Adam Mosseri, the current Chief Officer of Instagram.

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