From Roadkill to Romance, this Maine woman transforms art like We K

We asked the question on Facebook today: “What makes people think you are weird?” Something you do, say, eat, watch? “

We got a lot of weird and weird responses which I really enjoy, the world is full of weirdos that make this place better and I’m part of the weird team because I love the smell of cow manure among other things , so this is it?

I noticed that a listener posted a photo on this thread and it instantly caught my eye. Her name is Crystal Marie Fae and she is an artist. Never attending art school or taking professional art-ing courses hasn’t stopped her from producing the most interesting works of art I have witnessed in a long time.

Below is the artwork that prompted me to contact her.

Crystal Marie Fae via Facebook

This piece is called “Wooded Lady” and says so much at once. Crystal has an art page on Facebook called, Hungry Fairy Studio and this room reminds me of an enchanted forest in Fillory but also near the house of Bilbo Baggins with magical opium settling in the air. Then everyone starts to dance and find the means of their life in one fell swoop. This is my interpretation, but who knows?

Crystal also paints in acrylics and does random projects like the one above. Crystal has done a number of normal and fantasy style portraits over the years and can transform you into any character you want.

When inspiration calls, Crystal answers. She also has a little bone pixie that she made from Sculpey and Raccoon bone. I want to clarify that she did not kill any animal in the name of her art. She just took a shovel at 7am and quickly “grabbed” it off the ground, that’s all.

Crystal sees the beauty of things that others may consider hideous or bizarre. We need more crystals to turn loathsome type items like bones into enchanting leftover masterpieces.

Here is a photo gallery of some of his magical and mysterious arts!

From Roadkill to Romance, this Maine woman transforms art as we know it

An untrained artist from Maine has created bizarre art, from road killings to masterpieces!

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