Funko Pop ‘Moon Knight’ Leak Reveals Major Marvel Cameo

The Original Moon Knight the enemy could return to his live debut. In 1975, Marc Spector first appeared as a silver-clad assassin in Marvel comics. night werewolf. 47 years later, the lycanthrope with the unambiguous name is about to return the favor.

At least, that’s what we think is happening. Several reports and easter eggs have hinted that Werewolf by Night will appear in Moon Knight. Now, a new leaked batch of Funko Pop toys is taking those rumors in an exciting new direction.

Warning! Possible spoilers ahead for Moon Knight.

Moon Knight leaks reveal Werewolf by Night

Night Werewolf vs. Moon Knight.wonder

According to Instagram account Scrooge Mc Duck, who seems to have a penchant for leaking future Funko Pops, Marvel is set to release a batch of Moon Knight vinyl figures. That’s not surprising in itself, but what’s surprising is that among the characters is none other than Werewolf by Night.

Not only that, but it’s apparently a Funko “TV moment” that shows Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night going head-to-head in battle. In other words, if this leak is accurate (and to be honest, that’s a big if) this means that the two characters will fight like they did in 1975.

It’s also worth noting that a second post from the same Instagram account claims that we’ll also be getting Funko Pops featuring Midnight Man, Khonshu, and a giant 10-inch-tall Moon Knight.

Why Werewolf by Night matters to Marvel

Werewolf by Night is getting its own Disney+ special later this year.wonder

Not only is Werewolf by Night a key adversary for Moon Knight, but he may feature in larger plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel is gearing up for a Halloween special, and while we don’t know much about this planned Disney+ program, there’s reason to believe it might focus on the comic book werewolf. According to a report by The envelopeGael García Bernal is set to star in the Halloween special as Werewolf by Night.

But before that happens, it looks like we might be getting our MCU intro to Werewolf by Night very soon. If these leaks are correct, Moon Knight’s adventure is about to get a lot hairier.

Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+.

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