Geralt from The Witcher 3 immortalized as adorable Ronin Nendoroid

The GoodSmile Company’s latest The Witcher 3-inspired Nendoroid immortalizes the Ronin version of Geralt in a figure launching this year.

Later this year, the GoodSmile company plans to ship a brand new Nendoroid figure inspired by the witcher‘s Geralt, although this particular figure adopts the Ronin style of the character. As a fan-favorite character, memories based on The Witcher 3it is Geralt now looks a dime a dozen, but in 2019 CD Projekt Red mixed things up by rolling out a 12-inch polystone statue that depicted the White Wolf as a Ronin monster hunter, which became incredibly popular.

The now sold-out Ronin figurine draped Geralt in an outfit inspired by the traveling samurai of medieval Japan. Instead of his usual Witcher swords, the character wielded a pair of Katanas, crafted in exceptional detail. Although the limited statue is no longer in production, CD Projekt Red has found another way to explore Geralt’s hypothetical adventures in 12th century Japan: manga. The studio launched its manga project, titled The Witcher: Ronin, late last year and quickly garnered more than enough funding to continue production. Notably, the approximately 100-page color comic should begin shipping to backers in the coming weeks.


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unlike others Witcher 3 Figures of Geralt, the character will once again don his Ronin-influenced sons thanks to the new Nendoroid Geralt figure from GoodSmile (via Comic). GoodSmile_US recently took to Twitter to announce Nendoroid Geralt: Ronin, a 3.9-inch figure set to release in August 2022 for ¥5,500 (about $47). Pre-orders for the figure are open through the official GoodSmile website and will end on March 10.

The Geralt Nendoroid will come with a transparent stand and two effect sheets that depict him using the Axii and Yrden Witcher signs. It also appears to be wearing an identical outfit to the aforementioned limited-edition Ronin figure. So those who missed CD Projekt Red’s statue still have a chance to bring home their very own Ronin Witcher.

The GoodSmile figure is one of many products that Witcher fans can look forward to this year as CD Projekt Red recently unveiled a new Gwent card game, Golden Nekker Project, slated to launch later in 2022. The studio also has its hands full with the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt long-awaited current-gen updates for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. A release date for the upgrades currently remains unknown, but the company has previously confirmed plans for a rollout in Q2 2022, which which suggests that more news on the release – and its Netflix-inspired DLC elements – may well be imminent. It’s also possible that the silence on the launch hints that it’s been delayed, but hopefully CDPR will give fans an update on the upcoming update soon.

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The Nendoroid Witcher The Geralt Ronin figure is expected to begin shipping in August 2022.

Source: GoodSmile_US/Twitter, GoodSmile (via ComicBook)

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