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Dublin, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Size, Share, Trend, Forecast and Competitive Analysis of AFP / ATL Machine Market: 2021-2026” the report was added to offer.

The disruptive journey of composites in various industries has not been hidden from the world, especially in the aerospace, automotive, wind power and marine sectors.

Among all, aerospace is an industry that has seen excellent penetration of advanced composites in critical sections, including the fuselage and wings of new generation aircraft: B787 and A350XWB. Today, not all major aircraft manufacturers develop their next-generation aircraft without considering the use of composites.

These AFP / ATL machines are heavily concentrated around the aerospace industry with the development of several crucial composite parts of the latest aircraft such as the B787 and the A350XWB. Although AFP / ATL machines find applications in other industries, the dominance of the aerospace industry is also expected to continue over the next five years. The planned introduction of fuel-efficient variants of the B777 (B777X) aircraft and other key aircraft programs, such as the C919 and the Irkut MC-21, is likely to generate high demand for AFP / ATL machines in the aerospace industry.

2018 was the iconic year for AFP / ATL machine suppliers with the highest number of AFP / ATL machines sold globally, a landmark figure the industry has never touched before. However, market participants saw a massive drop in 2019. The key factor behind this massive drop was the immobilization of the B737Max, which forced Boeing and associated level players to enter their investment plans for the AFP machines. / ATL for the program as well as for other programs.

Subsequently, the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic completely reversed market dynamics in 2020. The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges for the industry. Some of the main challenges are the postponement of aircraft deliveries by airlines, the shutdown of production activities at the various production facilities of the main OEMs, the reduction in production by the main OEMs (Airbus reduced by one production rates of their major aircraft programs and very similar Boeing announcements), declining operating margin and stock prices of industry stakeholders, huge COVID costs and remote working affecting efficiency.

Based on the study of market recoveries during previous downturns (the Great Recession) coupled with primary talks throughout the supply chain, the publisher’s estimates suggest that the AFP / ATL machinery market is expected to start. to rebound from 2021, followed by maintaining sequential growth until 2026 to eventually reach a value of US $ 0.44 billion by 2026. Market fundamentals are hopeful for investors. market players.

For example; Boeing and Airbus still have huge backlogs, claiming they have been producing planes for more than seven years at the current production rate; market entry of new and variations of the existing aircraft programs, B777X, A321XLR, C919 and MC-21; and resumption of production of the B737MAX and A220.

In addition, the expected resumption of production rates for the best-selling aircraft programs (A320 including neo, B737 including Max, B787 and A350XWB), the introduction of fuel-efficient variants of the aircraft programs (B777x, E- 2 jets, etc.), and the outstanding advantages of AFP / ATL machines, such as excellent layup rate and reduced waste, should support the demand for AFP / ATL machines in the years to come, hopefully quickly remedy market losses and achieve a rapid recovery.

Key players

The supply chain of this market includes component suppliers, AFP / ATL machine suppliers, AFP / ATL composite part manufacturers, tier players, distributors, OEMs, airlines, rental companies aircraft and MRO companies.

The development of low cost robotic AFP machines, close engagement with OEMs for the development of custom machines to meet specific customer needs, expansion into untapped and growing markets, and execution of mergers and acquisitions are key factors. key strategies adopted by major players to gain competitive advantage in the market.

The main manufacturers of AFP / ATL machines are:

  • Mr. Torres Disenos Industriales SAU
  • Electroimpact Inc.
  • Coriolis Composites technologies SAS
  • Ingersoll machines-tools inc.
  • Five
  • Accudyne System, Inc.
  • Airborne
  • Automated dynamics
  • Mikrosam AD.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Overview and segmentation of AFP / ATL machines market
2.1. introduction
2.2. Market segmentation of AFP / ATL machines
2.3. Supply chain analysis
2.4. Industry life cycle analysis
2.5. PEST analysis
2.6. SWOT analysis

3. AFP / ATL Machine Market – The COVID-19 Impact Assessment
3.1. Knowledge
3.2. AFP / ATL Machinery Market Trend and Forecast (USD Million & Units)
3.3. Pre-COVID vs Post-COVID Assessment
3.4. Real GDP Loss Versus AFP / ATL Machine Market Loss (2020-2021)
3.5. Market scenario analysis: pessimistic, very likely and optimistic
3.6. Market segment analysis (US $ millions and units)
3.7. Regional and national level analysis (millions of US dollars and units)
3.8. Market factors
3.9. Market challenges

4. Competitive analysis
4.1. Knowledge
4.2. Product portfolio analysis
4.3. Geographical presence
4.4. New product launches
4.5. Strategic alliances
4.6. Market share analysis
4.7. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5. AFP / ATL Machinery Market Trend and Forecast by Industry Type (2015-2026)
5.1. Knowledge
5.2. AFP Machine: Regional Trend and Forecast (USD Million and Units)
5.3. ATL Machine: Regional Trend and Forecast (USD Million and Units)
5.4. AFP / ATL Hybrid Machine: Regional Trend and Forecast (USD Million and Units)

6. AFP / ATL Machine Market Trend and Forecast by Vertical Type (2015-2026)
6.1. Knowledge
6.2. Level players: regional trend and forecast (US $ millions and units)
6.3. OEM: regional trends and forecasts (US $ millions and units)
6.4. Others: Regional trend and forecast (US $ millions and units)

7. AFP / ATL Machinery Market Trend and Forecast by Region (2015-2026)
7.1. Knowledge

8. Opportunities for strategic growth
8.1. Market attractiveness analysis
8.2. Emerging trends
8.3. Growth matrix analysis
8.4. Strategic implications
8.5. Key Success Factors (KSF)

9. Company profile of key players (profiling, financial information, competition, strategies, etc.)
9.1. Accudyne System, Inc.
9.2. Automated dynamics
9.3. Coriolis Composites SAS
9.4. Electroimpact Inc.
9.5. Five
9.6. Mr. Torres Disenos Industriales SAU
9.7. Ingersoll machines-tools inc.
9.8. Mikrosam AD

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