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Many anime characters have wacky hairstyles that defy gravity, are incredibly long or difficult to maintain in reality, or just look conceptually bizarre. However, many characters have spiky hairstyles specifically, no matter how impossible they would be to create in real life.

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Characters with spiky hairstyles are often used to define one of the main characters in an animated series, if not the main protagonist himself. From Goku to Dragon ball to Yusei in Yu Gi Oh ! 5D, these anime characters were well known for their wacky, spiky hairstyles and fun, engaging personalities to go with them.

ten Goku had spiky black hair and kept spikes in his Saiyan (Dragonball) forms

Dragon ball goku

Goku from Dragon ball had seriously spiky black hair as it was. When he took on his Super Saiyan forms, such as Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, his hair got incredibly spikier and wilder than usual. Viewers were in awe of how Goku retained this hairstyle with most, if not all of his forms, no matter how messy and rough his battles were.

Some fans even made some incredibly precise cosplays of Goku out of admiration, including his hard-to-achieve hairstyle.

9 Yugi Muto has amazingly spiky hair that sticks out in many directions (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yugi Muto in Yu-Gi-Oh!  The dark side of dimensions

Yugi Muto had spiky hair that went in most, if not all, directions. Her main hair protruded from the sides and top of her head, but her bangs were also just as spiky and protruded from the sides of her face.

Although this hairstyle is difficult to achieve in real life, many fans created unique cosplays that included Yugi’s signature hairstyle. Yami Yugi, also known as Atem, had a hairstyle extremely similar, if not the same, to Yugi’s before being sealed in the Millennium Puzzle.

8 Gon Freecs hair turns into almost straight spikes (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter x Hunter Gon killua action shota fantasy hunter combat

Unlike Yugi and Goku, Gon de Hunter x hunter had her hair mostly held up in the air, rather than sticking out of the sides of her head. However, her bangs were as spiky as her main hairline, and some viewers noticed her eyebrows matched that hair as well.

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This hairstyle contrasted sharply with her rounded eyes, nose, and the rest of her youthful appearance. However, the hairstyle suited Gon perfectly, given his youth and energy as a person and as a hunter in action.

7 Yusei Fudo has spikes sticking out of the side of his head (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds)

Yusei Fudo, the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!  The 5D Animated Series

The Yu Gi Oh ! the franchise had many characters with spiky hair, and protagonist Yusei Fudo from 5D was another prominent figure with this type of hairstyle. Unlike Yugi, Yusei’s spiky hair mostly protruded from the sides of his head and mostly avoided the top of his head.

Considering that Yusei has lived much of his life in the Satellite Zone of New Domino City, fans were confused as to how he maintained his hairstyle without any hair products. However, that didn’t stop them from admiring her hair for its futuristic look, from the spikes themselves to its golden yellow highlights.

6 Zancrow has long spiky hair (Fairy Tail)

Zancrow from Fairy Tail

Zancrow from Fairy tale had long blonde hair. However, he was also incredibly prickly, giving him a rougher side than most long-haired male characters, who were usually associated with more elegant and Bishounen appearances.

Although his hair is so long, its spiky character suited him as the Flame God Slayer, as well as his sadistic, brash and violent nature. Unfortunately for fans of him and his spiky hairstyle, he was killed by Zeref during the Fairy Tail-Grimoire Heart War on Tenrou Island.

5 Kallen Stadtfield Had Her Own Sleek Spiky Hair (Code Geass)

Kallen from Code Geass had spiky hair sticking out from the sides of his head, resembling airplane wings to some extent. This suited her as she was an extremely skilled Knightmare executive pilot. She was so good at her job that she rivaled the abilities of the Knights of the Round.

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However, her spiky hairstyle does not resemble that of her mother Mrs. Stadtfield. It was later explained that Kallen was adopted by Mr Stadtfield as his heir after Ms Stadtfield could not have children, hence the reason they look so dissimilar.

4 Kenna Yatsushiro Has Short Spiky Hair (Medaka Box)

Kenna yatsushiro

Kenna from Medaka box has short, spiky hair. This hairstyle was usually given to male anime characters, but the short, spiky hairstyle suited Kenna’s tomboy personality. It also helped reflect the reckless side of her personality, as she would jump out windows to avoid going down the stairs and was seen as a more brutal person than others in her class.

Despite being an elderly person, she suffered from poor handwriting and had to seek Kouki’s help for a week to improve it.

3 Flannery has an incredibly spiky ponytail (Pokémon)

Flannery from the Pokemon anime

Flannery Pokemon had an incredibly spiky ponytail. It looked like lava coming out of a volcano as the hair protruded in four directions, which suited this Fire-type gymnasium leader from Lavaridge Town and the town’s hot springs perfectly.

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The hairstyle also matched her extremely lively personality, as well as the stressed temper she had when initially overwhelmed by her new responsibilities as a gym leader. This stressed-out temper also reappeared as he battled Ash in a tough gym battle, which led to his defeat and the Heat Badge being awarded.

2 Senku Ishigami had ombre tips in his hair (Dr. Stone)

Senku Ishigami and his sextant from Dr Stone.

Senku is the main protagonist of Dr Pierre and the de facto leader of the Realm of Science. To match his lab coat-like clothes in the New Stone Age, he had wacky ombre spiky hair that ran straight up to his head, going from whitish yellow to light green at the ends.

Even though Senku himself is quite short, his spiky hairstyle makes up for his lack of natural stature. However, the ombre styled hair in a Stone Age setting made some viewers wonder how Senku could maintain his hair for so long.

1 Garou had two big tips for his hairstyle (One Punch Man)

Garou was one of the villains featured in A punch. Her spiky hairstyle consisted of all of her hair parted in two giant spikes sticking out of her head. This lent itself well to the rest of his deadly appearance, his deep hatred for heroes and popular people, and immense abilities such as speed, reflexes, stamina, and martial arts mastery.

The hairstyle also reminded some viewers of its Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist attack, which created a sharp swirl pressure that cut opponents into small pieces.

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