Is Turbo Man from Jingle All The Way a real action figure?

Jingle All The Way follows two fathers desperately trying to buy an out-of-print Christmas toy for their children, but is Turbo Man a real action figure?

Is the Christmas Comedy Turbo Man Action Figure Jingle All the Way a real toy? Many popular Christmas movies are about the warm, fuzzy feelings the holiday season generates, but some actually explore the very real issues that Christmas often brings, too. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, for example, focuses on the chaos that ensues when extended family arrives for a festive visit, and Four Christmases explores the difficulty of having to divide the holiday season between several family members.

Jingle All the Way, meanwhile, is about a very related issue that many parents have faced over Christmas; trying to track down a much-needed, out-of-print toy their child desperately wants. Directed by Beethoven director Brian Levant, this 1996 comedy by Arnold Schwarzenegger featured the star and Sinbad as two fathers trying to find a popular action figure based on the titular character from a TV show named turbo man. After recklessly leaving the task until Christmas Eve, the pair find all the stores sold out and soon form an intense rivalry as they set out to claim the latest Turbo Man doll in town.


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Jingle All the Way is a satirical take on the marketing of Christmas and is inspired by the actual holiday shopping sprees that took place in the 1980s and 1990s for toys like Cabbage Patch Kids dolls or toy story related merchandise. Nevertheless, when Jingle All the Way was released as several critics accused the film of being made solely to sell toys based on Turbo Man, but the reality wasn’t quite so cynical.

Robert Conrad in Jingle All The Way

Thanks to Jingle all the way rapid production, Fox distributors did not have much time to develop a major merchandising line or secure linkage deals before its late November release. As a result, the film’s merchandise was limited to a relatively small run of only 200,000 talking Turbo Man figures produced by toymaker Tiger Electronics. So, Jingle All the Way wasn’t the cynical marketing ploy that critics accused it of being after all.

Curiously, it is only in 2021 that a Jingle All the Way The Turbo Man action figure has become more widely available. To celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary Christmas, toymaker Funko has released a reproduction of the Turbo Man doll produced by Tiger Electronics in 1996 alongside a range of Jingle All the Way Movie-inspired Funko Pop figures. Sure, the Funko toys didn’t generate all the hype that a more widely available line of Turbo Man figures might have done around the time the movie was released, but they were a must-have for nostalgic fans of Jingle All the Way.

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