It’s April 2022 and Battlefield 2042 finally gets VoIP

Battlefield 2042

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As you would think that a successful multiplayer shooter with up to 128 players at a time would be built entirely on voice communication, never since its launch last year Battlefield 2042 did not allow players to chat via VoIP. This is finally about to change.

Yes, as amazing as that intro was to type, especially considering how important VoIP has played in previous games in the series, for months the only way 2042 players were able to communicate with each other by leaving pings on the map or chatting with squad/teammates via text chat.

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As one of the few people who still regularly play the game, it sucks! New players would expect the feature and veteran players are used to it, so trying to plan strategies and inform teammates of threats/opportunities/ideas by hiding in a crate and typing it in the chat has been a dangerous and laborious process.

Luckily, as of April 19 (tomorrow at the time of publication, possibly today or even in the past as you read this), that has changed. Battlefield 2042 Update 0.4.0 finally adds VoIP chat for teams and teammates (with players able to quickly switch between them).

It also goes add a scoreboard to the endgame results sectionthankfully providing more context and detailed information than just subjecting 128 people to hearing “THIS IS HOW IT WORKS SOMETIMES” over and over again.

The update also includes other much-needed fixes, such as:

– Balance tweaks for specialists such as updated traits for Rao and Paik, and improvements to Sundance’s specialty, with a focus on their armor-piercing grenades being more effective against targets in their immediate vicinity

– Vehicle balance changes such as making the M5C Bolte’s passengers easier to target and a reduction in the power of its missile launcher

– Fixes for inability to ADS after exiting a vehicle or inability to revive players near objects

– Improved ribbons and XP events to make them easier to unlock in all modes

If you’re wondering when some of the biggest changes and additions to the game itself are coming, like map adjustments, well, these are a bit further

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