John Cho reveals his favorite Cowboy Bebop character (it’s not Spike)


Spike Siegel actor John Cho named his favorite Cowboy character Bepop, and it’s surprisingly not his; it’s more like Faye Valentine.

John Cho revealed his favorite character from Cowboy Bebop. Created by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the writer André Nemec for Netflix, Cowboy Bebop is the live-action reinvention of the legendary 1998 animated series of the same name. The original futuristic anime told the story of a squad of bounty hunters in 2071 as they traveled through space on the titular ship, setting targets and taking on personal demons. Although the show only consisted of 26 episodes, it was a huge success and had a huge impact, with many attributing it to the anime’s popularization with Western audiences. Now Netflix has revamped the franchise into a different format for devotees and modern viewers, scheduling Cowboy Bebop for release on November 19, 2021.

Hailing from Tomorrow Studios and original producers Sunrise Inc., Netflix‘s Cowboy Bebop has been in development for about five years now. But it wasn’t until recently that fans got a good look at the show, through prominent images featuring the main characters, promotional posters and an opening sequence faithful to the anime that has. was unveiled at Netflix’s global fan event, TUDUM. While plot details on the live-action series are still slim, most of the cast have already been revealed. Star Trek’s John Cho plays former hitman Spike Spiegel, while Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, Alex Hassell, and Elena Satine are tied up as Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Vicious, and Julia, respectively. All of the cast are pretty excited about their roles on the show, although Cho is more excited about a different character than hers.

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Recently, by participating in a collaborative interview as part of TUDUM from Netflix event, John Cho answered a question from co-star Pineda asking who his favorite character is in Cowboy Bebop. Much to Pineda’s delight, Cho named his character Faye Valentine as the one he loved the most. He made it clear that Faye is his favorite because of her story, which is quite intriguing and absorbing. Additionally, Faye also possesses deadly survival instincts, which makes her all the more adorable. Cho later joked that Faye was always boring in scenes, to which Pineda replied that it wasn’t much different in real life either. Read what Cho said below.

“Faye Valentine. Her story is so interesting and fascinating, and her survival instinct makes her a really likable character. I mean in the scenes, she’s annoying.”

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In Cowboy Bebop, Faye is a bounty hunter and con artist whose gambling problem has led her into excessive debt. She was placed in cryogenic gel for her involvement in a space shuttle incident, during which she spent 54 years in suspended animation. Although Pineda portrayed her role as Faye quite authentically, she was ridiculed for not fitting the character’s original busty, sexualized, and revealing design. The actress, however, had the perfect response to this review; she took to Instagram to sarcastically apologize on behalf of the manufacturers as they couldn’t find a “Six foot breasts, size double D, size two inches wife to play Faye.

Following the sexist reactions to Pineda’s casting, John Cho’s support for his character confirms that all the changes that Cowboy Bebop made to Faye are an improvement. Faye is a character of many shades and layers, and her personality is certainly very important, once people start to look beyond her body parts of inhuman proportions. In the anime, his arc was quite well written, with a solid backstory and substantial character development. Yet, unfortunately, its characterization in popular media has been chauvinistically relegated to that of supporting eye candy. But now, as Cho’s confidence shows, the Cowboy Bebop the live-action series appears to have corrected the anime’s mistakes, giving fans a chance to catch Faye in her true glory.

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