Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 anime characters who can beat Sukuna


Sukuna is the main antagonist of the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen. He holds the title of ‘King Of Curses.’ Once upon a time, the cursed spirit was such a strong human that it took the collective effort of the mightiest wizards to bring it down. After his death he became a Cursed Spirit and, with his curse too overwhelming to be destroyed, his power was shared between 20 indestructible fingers.

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Sukuna has proven to be an incredibly powerful character, and fans of the show have yet to witness the full extent of her power. But even in her suppressed form, Sukuna effortlessly defeated several special grade curses with her OP abilities and unbeatable domain expansion. The Cursed King certainly ranks among the most powerful anime characters, but there are some with a strength that surpasses that of the evil Sukuna.

ten Satoru Gojo remains the strongest jujutsu character

Gojo prepares to fight

With Sukuna’s full power still very mysterious, Satoru Gojo wins the title of strongest Jujutsu kaisen character. The Sorcerer is a bona fide prodigy who has inherited the acclaimed six eyes and limitless abilities of his clan; the first inherent in the two in four hundred years.

So far in the series, Gojo has yet to break a sweat, defeating several special-quality curses with his domain expansion and manipulation of the limitless space around him. It’s possible that once all of her fingers are recovered, Sukuna will give Gojo a taste of defeat. But viewers will rack their brains trying to figure out how to defeat a man who seemingly can’t be touched.

9 Saitama’s full power is unmatched in the anime

Saitama facing a weaker enemy

Saitama is the protagonist and main character of the parody anime Man with a fist. Bald and of average physical appearance, Saitama is living proof that a book should never be judged by its cover. Lots of monsters stare at him and laugh, before quickly ending with a single punch.

With the ability to take down anyone in one hit, Saitama is OP and virtually invincible. The distinct contrast of personalities between Sukuna and Saitama would lead to a fun interaction, but the battle would be short and sweet. Sukuna would meet her end at the hands of the bald cape.

8 Goku competes with the Gods of Destruction

Goku powers DB Super

Goku is recognized as one of the strongest anime characters and he relishes fighting with the strongest opponents. The Saiyan warrior has worked tirelessly over the years to gain more and more strength and has unquestionably been successful. Current Goku can compete with the Gods of Destruction; beings capable of wiping out entire planets at once.

Although powerful, it’s hard to imagine that Sukuna possesses such raw power. Perhaps capturing Goku in his malevolent sanctuary would offer Sukuna a silver lining, but it’s likely Goku is far too strong and proficient for the King of Curses.

7 Meruem’s durability gives it the edge


Cursed Energy and Nen are both detailed and flexible power systems that make battles unpredictable. Sukuna represents the pinnacle of cursed energy and technique as Meruem stands atop the Hunter x hunter world because of the amount of aura it has. This battle would pit Sukuna’s deadly techniques against Meruem’s near invulnerability.

Fans know how destructive Sukuna’s techniques are, but he’s yet to face someone with Meruem’s strength, speed, and durability. Additionally, Meruem possesses superior intelligence and if he can survive long enough, he will eventually find the perfect match against Sukuna. Victory goes to the Chimera Ant King.

6 Naruto Uzumaki is helped by his unlimited chakra

Naruto Uzumaki from Shippuden

As the Hokage and one of the two most powerful ninjas in history, Naruto is a force to be reckoned with. The shinobi has a virtually unlimited chakra and has access to a plethora of abilities, including Sage Mode and the Rasenshuriken Destroyer.

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He has experience in combat and, although he is not known for his intelligence, he is able to formulate creative strategies to defeat his opponent. Sukuna’s true power is still unknown, and it’s possible that he could defeat Naruto if he activates his domain expansion. But for now, Naruto remains the safe bet.

5 Alucard can summon level zero to defeat his enemy

Alucard chuckles as his eyes glow red behind his glasses

Original vampire and human embodiment of evil, Alucard is a terrifying adversary. However, her very presence is unlikely to intimidate Sukuna, who is just as evil as the bloodsucker antihero. These two are equal, with Sukuna possessing superior strength and speed, but Alucard being the more durable of the two with superior hax abilities.

However, if something goes wrong, Alucard can call on its zero level to unleash its full power. In this gruesome form, the vampire vigilante summons all the souls he has devoured in his lifetime and orders his own army to unleash hell.

4 Nanika’s power has no limits

Nanika is a mysterious being from the Dark Continent who owns Alluka Zoldyck and is capable of almost anything. Its ability is to grant wishes but with dire consequences, which means that for every wish you make, a proportional catastrophe will occur. For example, a butler in the Zoldyck family wanted to become a billionaire, which resulted in the subsequent deaths of 67 people.

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So far, it seems that Nanika is capable of anything and therefore can defeat anyone. The mysterious being is not really a fighter but can erase everything from existence. Sukuna doesn’t stand a chance against such incredible power.

3 Vegeta becomes all the stronger as his opponent is formidable

Vegeta frowns

There are few, if any, anime characters who enjoy fighting as much as Vegeta. Prince Saiyan is incredibly proud of his power and takes every opportunity to demonstrate how strong he is. Vegeta is fearless and he would have no problem facing the King of Curses.

Sukuna is also proud of her status and the dialogue between the two would be fascinating. However, Sukuna has yet to show a power rivaling the full abilities of Vegeta who, like Goku, can fight on par with the Gods of Destruction. Recently, Vegeta has developed his own version of Ultra Instinct, named Ultra Ego, allowing him to get stronger with the more punishments he takes. In this form, it is almost unbeatable.

2 Father attained the power to compete with God

A father sits on his throne in the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

After absorbing God, the Father is capable of almost anything. He can manipulate both energy and matter, a feat almost unmatched in the anime world. He demonstrates this power in the coolest way possible, creating a miniature sun in the palm of his hand.

This ability alone is enough to easily defeat Sukuna, but there are plenty of other Father’s bowstrings out there. He can heal any wound by sacrificing one of the millions of souls he absorbed early in his life and apply his unsurpassed intelligence to overcome any obstacle. For a brief period of time, the Father was just as powerful as God.

1 Escanor is unbeatable when the sun is at its highest

Escanor wielding the power of Sunshine

Escanor, also known as Lion Sin Of Pride, is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins who represents the pinnacle of humanity. Its ability, Sunshine, means that Escanor’s strength increases as the sun rises in the sky. As noon approaches, Escanor’s considerable strength peaks, and the Man-Mountain can unleash “The One,” a move so strong that he temporarily subdues the Demon King.

If Sukuna was the cautious type, he would fight Escanor at night, when he’s just an average man. But like her opponent, Sukuna is immensely proud of her strength and that would be her downfall. The Curse cannot compete with a fully powered Escanor.

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