Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 fights to live up to the hype

Jujutsu kaisen is a very popular shonen action series, and many fans may consider it to be one of the new shonen “big three”. It’s easy to see why, given Jujutsu kaisenCutting-edge animation techniques, fun characters, a clever combat system, intriguing themes about humanity and, of course, the exciting fight scenes from the first season.

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Modern action series such as Jujutsu kaisen, Demon slayer, and My hero university have a good reputation online and in the anime community, and anime fans can’t help but talk about the outstanding fight scenes in these series, such as Tanjiro vs. Rui fight or Satoru Gojo’s one-sided fight against the Jogo curse. These individuals Jujutsu kaisen the fight scenes really live up to their reputation.

ten Satoru Gojo Vs Jogo Opened His Eyes

Gojo vs. Jogo

Halfway through the series, villainous Mahito and his allies took their first step against the heroes, and that includes one-eyed cursor Jogo chasing famous wizard Satoru Gojo. It’s one of the fandom’s favorite fights in the anime for good reason.

In this fight, Satoru showed how incredibly powerful he was, with or without his domain extension technique. Yuji was invited to watch Satoru use his Infinite Realm to completely defeat Jogo, and viewers were in awe.

9 Maki Zenin vs. Kasumi Miwa was a big fight

Maki points with sword and smirks

Jujutsu kaisen had a kind of midterm tournament arc, with schools in Tokyo and Kyoto competing to see who could kill the most Curses or just knock out the other team. This led to many of the best fights in the series, including the one starring Maki Zenin and Kasumi Miwa.

Maki Zenin is a tough witch who relies entirely on cursed weapons, and she used those weapons to good effect against Kasumi, including Kasumi’s own sword. And for some fans, it was especially exciting to have two powerful female characters fighting fiercely but enough like that.

8 Nobara Kugisaki vs. Momo Nishimiya was excellent

Nobara fights Momo, Jujutsu Kaisen

The tournament-style joint school event featured another fight featuring two female fighters, this time the exuberant Nobara Kugisaki and the broomstick Momo Nishimiya, a student from Kyoto. These two girls had very different philosophies regarding their role in the world as witches.

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This fight was rather personal for Nobara, who was determined to find her own path as a wizard and as a modern girl who can and should dictate how her own life is to unfold. It was also fun to see Nobara use, among other things, a giant squealing hammer to deliver a serious blow to his enemy.

seven Fighting the first special grade curse was tough

Sukuna fights the curse of special quality

Special-grade curses are the most powerful of all, and only the most elite jujutsu wizards have a chance to fight them in battle. At first Jujutsu kaisen, Yuji, and his new team expected to fight lower level curses on their first real mission, but then realized they had entered the domain expansion of a mighty curse.

This terrifying humanoid curse was too strong for Megumi Fushiguro to handle, and Yuji wasn’t too lucky either. But the tables were turned when Ryomen Sukuna himself took over Yuji’s body and crushed the Special Quality Spirit with impunity. Mission accomplished … at a price.

6 Yuji and Aoi Todo vs. Hanami was an exceptional fight

Hanami from Jujutsu Kaisen

Halfway through the Tokyo-Kyoto event, Mahito’s allies attacked and all the student wizards united against their common enemies, with all rivalries put aside for now. In particular, the herbal curse named Hanami was a serious threat, and no student could defeat Hanami on their own. A few students have tried but failed.

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So, it fell to Yuji and his martial arts friend, Aoi Todo, to confront Hanami, and the two “brothers” gave Hanami the fight of a lifetime. Yuji and Aoi, although they had no prior combat experience, formed a cohesive team and used Boogie Woogie to swap places with Yuji or Hanami.

5 Yuji & Kento Nanami Vs Mahito Was Heartbreaking

Mahito and Yuji fight

Yuji tried to befriend the bullied boy Junpei Yoshino, and if things had turned out differently, the two boys might have become best friends and classmates at school in Tokyo. . Tragically, the cruel Mahito stepped in and manipulated Junpei into becoming a cursed fighter.

It was heartbreaking to watch Junpei get used to, mutate, and then be killed like this, and fans cheered on Yuji as he and his older ally Kento Nanami battled Mahito for revenge. Yuji was really impressive in this fight, but alas, Mahito was able to escape.

4 Nobara was a star against the cursed painter brothers

Itadori and Kugisaki performing the Black Flash

The first season of Jujutsu kaisen really came out with a bang. The dust barely settled on the Tokyo-Kyoto event when another mission was launched, and Yuji’s team had to take on the Cursed Brother Painters, searching for blood. It was a tough fight, to say the least.

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Yuji’s team struggled first, and Nobara was dragged away by the enemy to confront them on her own. Then Yuji joined her, and the two wizards retaliated with all their might against the two painter brothers. Nobara really stole the show when she used her Straw Doll Technique and Courageous Resonance Technique to defeat the Brothers with their own power.

3 Yuji’s very first fight was scary but fun

Yuji fights in Jujutsu Kaisen

The very first fight scene in an animated series needs to be informative, exciting, and stylish to help new viewers stay hooked and get a good impression of the series, and Jujutsu kaisen book. The first battle in the series pitted Yuji and Megumi against a curse at Yuji’s high school, and Yuji wasn’t even a wizard yet.

Megumi demonstrated her use of shadow puppet spells in this fight, but, ultimately, he ran into Yuji to finish the fight, and he ate one of Sukuna’s fingers to do so. It was a fun but important plot point, and Yuji ended the curse in style.

2 Panda Vs Mechamaru was quite personal

Panda and Mechamaru fight

The schools in Tokyo and Kyoto each have a very unusual wizard who does not feel “normal” compared to his classmates. Panda, for example, isn’t quite sure who or what he is, but he works hard to maintain his self-esteem and feel confident in his identity. He takes it seriously.

Mechamaru, meanwhile, is angry and insecure about his frail body and his need to live at a distance through his artificial Mechamaru body. These warriors not only had a cool fight scene, but also engaged in a fascinating debate over identity and personality.

1 Yuji and Nobara’s first curse fight opened their eyes

Nobara by Jujutsu Kaisen

A part of Jujutsu kaisenThe best fights in are known not for being epic savage, but for having a human element attached to them. At the start of the series, Yuji and Nobara had to chase a curse in Tokyo to prove their worth, while Satoru and Megumi waited patiently just outside the mission area.

Nobara was confident in her fighting style, but she wasn’t ready to receive a curse to take a human boy hostage. Yuji helped, and together he and Nobara sent the spell. This fight showed Nobara to be aggressive and a bit arrogant, but also a good-hearted person who would fight for all the right reasons. She will not become a monster to fight monsters.

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