Kakegurui Season 3 release date, characters and plot


Both seasons of “Kakegurui” seemed to end on a note that could conclude the series if another season wasn’t enlightened, and fans seemed to like Season 1 – as well as its conclusion – a little better than what followed. (via My Anime List). However, at the end of Season 2, there is some confusion about what really happened. One of the issues, apparently, is that the last episodes of “Kakegurui xx” weren’t based on the manga, as it hadn’t quite caught up with the anime.

The last episode focused on an auction designed to buy votes for presidential candidates, ending with a raffle between Rei and Yumeko in which Rei bet 3 million yen (and her status as a cattle) and Yumeko puts on Jabami’s name: she would be banished from the family and become a Batsubami instead. Looks like Yumeko wins, but then she loses a bunch of her votes playing with others. And meanwhile, Rei’s determination impresses Kirari, who leaves her to become human again and choose a new name.

A season 3 of this shonen anime would likely pick up on these threads. However, with such a divergence from the manga that Rei’s presence represents, it’s unclear how well events will line up with the manga’s upcoming chapters, which include more election shenanigans, as well as drama for Mary and the Momobami sisters.

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