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PROMISES, here and there, are what we hear today in many campaigns made by national and local candidates. These are surely made to be broken. I don’t believe in promises but in what a person has done in the past. We hear people promising “heaven and earth” just to get our precious shadow on the ballot. Some incumbents are still making promises because they had done nothing during their tenure. They always say that it is because of the nature of the position they hold that they have done little. Some keep quiet and do their job just to work for the common good. Buddha reminds us that shallow water is noisy but deep water is quiet and calm. We need to learn more from nature.

Our students are told that one of the values ​​they should learn in school is to be Makakalikasan. They must be stewards of the environment. They must take care of the environment for future generations. Children should be the ones who possess these values. So what about the adults who are supposed to be role models for these young people? Do we understand the values ​​of Makakalikasan even for this election period alone?

What a great escape adults make. We are often reminded that in the eyes of young people, the evil we do becomes good for them. It is our duty to model good values ​​for young people. Young people are always criticized for being reckless, irresponsible and indifferent to the environment. We often say that we are indifferent to environmental issues. While we tell them that, what do we do?

Makakalikasan means sustainability. We are currently living in an unsustainable future. We lack a good water supply. Our food supply is also dwindling. Human settlements have destroyed the balance of nature. Diseases from unknown sources now lurk in every corner of the globe. Unethical environmental experiments and researchers continue to kill life forms. Mother Earth is no longer able to support human life. Once again, we are promised a brighter and better future. Where?

Adults in the Philippines today have given up being stewards of the environment. We are destroying the future. Today we trade our children’s future with the use of plastic and plastic-based campaign materials (tarpaulin, cheap turpentine-based paints); rubber campaign posters that are nailed to century-old trees; garbage cans, plastic bottles, polystyrene cups and containers, plastic bags used as gifts during campaigns; noise pollution from loud sound systems during the campanya a la Concierto; and soil degradation and destruction of plants in countryside areas and the worst pollution is urine. Do we call these “leaders” accountable? They are liars and they don’t know what it is to be Makakalikasan!

What I pity the most are politicians who call themselves Makakalikasan or who work for sustainable development. Some are true to their commitment to the future, but many are just using the problem. They are the ones who should not have a seat in our government. They talk about exoticism and romance in their releases. They give the impression that the world needs them to protect itself. They capitalize on the issue of the environment to move forward. Not only in the ranks of politicians, but we also have those of civil society. They make a lot of money from their cry for the environment. We have to be very careful with these people. They use the environmental issue to fatten their bellies and their pegs. I heard an environmentalist say that global advocacy to save Mother Earth is a lucrative business that has made many millionaires and even leaders of great nations.

When we work for Mother Earth, we must be authentic and not love our Mother Earth and never be tainted by our selfish interests and security. Mother Earth knows our hearts and intentions, we don’t need to make them known.

We need leaders who love Mother Earth and future generations. We don’t need promises but we need actions and performance for our future.

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