Life partners become professional partners

Krishna Udayasankar, the author of books like The Aryavarta Chronicles, 3, Immortal, Objects of Affection and Beast has teamed up with Jai Krishnamurthy, a former financial professional for a “Farside” book. Jai Krishnamurthy is a CA and MBA graduate from the Ricard Ivey School of Business in Canada. Previously, he was Associate Director for Oil & Gas at Ernst & Young. The author couple shared their take on their recent “Farside” release with “The Hans India”. Let’s take a look.

“The co-author of this book, Jaishankar, is my partner. He had been talking about writing a detective novel for several years. When he told the storyline of the book, I was quite addicted. Besides being a thriller. detective, this novel also explores the dark side of individuals and how no one is what he appears to be, ”says Krishna.

Jai Krishna says that the dream of writing a book has been traveling with him for four decades. He said: “I have dreamed of being an author for over four decades, but I have failed to write a book. I thought about making my dream come true and needed help with it. I continued to harass my partner, Krishna, with various ideas. for a mystery manuscript, which is not his genre. I was very happy that she enjoyed this plot and agreed to co-write this book. ”

He added: “Due to my inability to write, despite my ideas, I co-founded a company called ‘Script a Hit’. their idea. If we like their idea, we’ll convert the idea into a book. ”

Krishna says that it is difficult to have two minds to think of a story, a plot, a narrative and a conclusion. She said: “It was quite difficult to have two minds to think of a story, a plot, a narrative and a conclusion. We used to have a lot of heated conversations about the book and also arguments about the plot structure and the pace of the book. We created a storyboard using a large cupboard, which we covered with post-its. We covered a large story arc with what we all thought we had to be the plot, flow, and conclusion. However, once we agreed on the structure of the plot, Jai gave me carte blanche, as the writing isn’t not his strongest, so storytelling is in my style. ”

“Even after the manuscript was finished, we continued to argue about my style and some of the changes I made. Overall, it was an interesting and enjoyable experience, especially since I lived it. with my life partner, ”she added. .

Jaishankar says he is very proud of his wife’s success. He said: “I have always been very proud of my wife’s success as a writer. It has been a long journey and her passion for writing has helped her succeed. I am happy that years of hard work is paying off as she now gets offers to screen a writing webseries. I was not intimidated at all and would add that I am her worst critic. As I don’t read mythohistory or fantasy, I I used to raise a lot of questions about the plot of the books and the way they were structured.

Asked about their next endeavors, Krishna said, “I am currently working on a web series for a major producer. While some ideas, which I had proposed to the producers, bubble in my head, I do not have the bandwidth to complete them. . ”

Jai said, “One of my novels – a psychological crime thriller, co-written with a doctor based in the United States. I have two more manuscripts, which I wrote with professional writers, in the process of being finalized. However, my main goal is to help people like me who aspired to be a writer, become writers. ”

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