Lost Ark Atropos Island Guide

Atropos Island is one of the many islands in Lost Ark. Once on this island, you will hunt for Mokoko seeds and complete the quests that await you. This Lost Ark Atropos Island guide explains in detail how to get to this island, how to get the island token, and where you can find the different Mokoko seeds.

Where to find Atropos Island in Lost Ark?

Atropos Island is an isolated island located in the lower part of the Ashtarte Ocean.

How to get the Atropos Island Token

To get the Atropos Island Token, you need to complete the yellow quests shown on the map. These quests will allow you to obtain Lynnis Commemorative Coins. These coins can also be obtained by completing daily tasks.

After reaching these coins, go to the middle of the town square and drop these coins into the fountain. The island token will drop into the wishing bag, a reward for throwing the coins.

Atropos Island Quests

There are three types of quests in Lost Ark, Side Quest Chain 1, Side Quest Chain 2, and Una’s Task.

Atropos Side Quest Chain 1

There are four quests in this chain, and we’ll go over them all below.


Your main objective is to talk to a veteran merchant, Bogun Shandars. After that, you will sign the Delta member proclamation and become part of the Delta to enjoy the island.

Secret Keeper of the Refuge

You must have completed the Welcome! Quest before proceeding to this quest. The main objective of this quest is to check Nerro’s note and talk to the guardian of Haven Nerro. Then you need to talk to Guild Manager Giorno.

The secret of the guardian of Le Havre

For this quest, you need to check Nerro’s note and talk to Haven Keeper Nerro. After talking to Haven, Keeper Nerro goes to the port. Now give the suspicious bag to the port man.

betrayal of trust

Go to the port and talk to Orlando. Now talk to Chief Gerion and use the rage emotion to express your anger. Tell him what he did wrong, return to port and talk to Orlando.

Atropos 2 Side Quest Chain

There are a total of 5 side quests in this quest chain.

Become an official merchant

To become an official merchant, you must speak to a veteran merchant named Bogun Shandars. You also need to help three merchants and then report to Bogun Shandars.

A race for Maryin

This quest asks you to deliver food to Klaus and get a letter of recommendation from Maryin.

A race for Doris

During this quest, you have to attract customers in front of the shop using the Dance, Sway and Cute emotes.

A race for Bildersoll

In this quest, you need to collect screws and nails to get a letter of recommendation from Bildersoll.

Ritual of the Great Initiation

During this quest, you will trade 3 beans with an Atropos merchant. Then, go to the Frozen Sea and exchange a well-dried haystack with a merchant in the village of Rigens.

Now head to Arthentine and head down the barren path. Trade Polar Glacier Core with a Totrich Merchant and head to Vern. You need to go to Port Krona for this.

You will trade Golden Flower Cactus Oil with a merchant in Vern Castle. Next, head to Changhun at Anikka and trade Cloud Embroidered Cloth with a merchant in Delphi Township.

Head to Tortoyk and then to the Seaswept Woods. Then trade a fantastic fruit with a merchant in Mokoko Village.

Now complete your Delta Initiation Ritual. For this, head to veteran merchant Bogun Shandars to remember Lynni’s spirit. Next, read the memorial on Lynnis Path and finally talk to a veteran merchant, bogun Shandars.

Now report the results of your initiation ritual, then use the prayer emote to pray before the statue of Lynnis. This will mark the end of the longest quest on this island.

Ship Survey (Una’s Task)

To complete this Una task, you must have completed the Betrayal of Trust quest. Each Una task grants you a large number of rewards. During this quest, your main objective is to interact with different objects on the ship and scan the ship for clues.

Lost Ark Atropos Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are 4 Mokoko seeds scattered on Lost Ark’s Atropos Island.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first seed is located on the southernmost part of the map, as shown below. Travel here until you come across a building and a cannon. Then you will find the seed near an orange bush.

Mokoko Seed #2

Head east from the southernmost part of the island, then move south. Jump through two holes and enter the tavern on the opposite side. Once there, enter the tavern. Inside this tavern you will find the seed behind a barrel.

Mokoko Seed #3

Exit and jump through the hole to the right of the tavern. You will come across a hidden cave, and inside this cave, to your right, you will find a seed.

Lost Ark Atropos Island Mokoko Seed

Mokoko Seed #4

Towards the northeast part of the map, you will find the final seed. Go to the end of the road and travel northeast to enter the building. Once inside, head east and at the back of the room, the last seed will be hidden behind a wall.

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