MHA: 10 Best Pro Heroines, Ranked

The female characters of My hero university never received the best treatment. In Class 1-A, it is not uncommon for girls to be sexually harassed by the unfriendly Minoru Mineta. On a broader level, the character arcs of female characters are often dull or focused on male characters.

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Pro heroines are no exception to this rule. In fact, fans have recently noticed an alarming trend of seriously injuring or even killing heroines who make a real difference. It’s such a shame as many of these characters have made an impression as highly respected pro heroes and even become fan favorites for viewers of the anime.

* This article contains massive spoilers for the manga. *

ten Lady Nagant is a former pro hero turned villain

lady swimming my hero university

When Lady Nagant is introduced to MHA fans, she comes across as a villain. However, she is originally a Pro Hero and a popular one at that. Her Quirk Rifle makes her ideal for assassination missions, and she is recruited and used by the corrupt Heroes’ Public Safety Commission.

Finally, she cracks, kills the then President of the Commission and is arrested. After escaping Tartarus, she joins forces with All for One, but her confrontation with Izuku Midoriya suggests that she may still be a heroine at heart.

9 Recovery Girl Provides Support To Heroes In Need Of Healing

My hero university

Not all heroes fight on the front lines. Some simply provide support, and the best example is Recovery Girl. The young heroine’s quirk, eloquently referred to as Heal, uses the patient’s stamina to speed up the body’s natural healing process. He is incredibly powerful and has saved many lives.

8 The Wild Wild Pussycats are rescue heroes unafraid of bigger battles

First introduced to the Forest Training Camp Arc, the Wild Wild Pussycats are a group of professional heroes focused on rescue. The team is made up of three women – Mandalay, Pixie Bob and Ragdoll – and one transgender man – Tiger. They receive a heavy blow after Ragdoll is kidnapped by the Vanguard Action Team and his Quirk is stolen by All for One.

The team takes a break but joins the rest of the heroes in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Pixie Bob even tries to stop Shigaraki from breaking down, but unfortunately there’s not much she can do.

seven Mount Lady becomes a hero and a person in the aftermath of the war

As one of the very first heroes to appear in the anime, Mount Lady starts out as a conceited character who focuses on the celebrity aspect of hero life. On her first appearance, she steals an arrest from her fellow hero, Kamui Woods, and seems unaware of the collateral damage she does in the process.

Ironically, his Gigantification Quirk mimics his growth as a hero and as a person. After the fall of All Might, his demeanor becomes noticeably softer. She is also one of the heroes who refuse to give up even after the war. With the fall of the Society of Heroes, many choose to retire, but not Mount Lady, proving that she is more than she originally appeared.

6 Thirteen’s uses his deadly quirk to be a rescue hero

Many MHA quirks can be deadly, and a prime example is Thirteen’s black hole. Quirk allows him to create black holes at the tips of his fingers, which disintegrates anything sucked within his reach. Thirteen uses her deadly power to become a hero, and on her first appearance she explains her dedication and work as a rescue hero.

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She is seriously injured at USJ when Kurogiri turns his own Quirk on her. This does not prevent her from joining the fight later, and like many other Pros, she participates in the raid at the Jaku Hospital.

5 Midnight is killed in the paranormal liberation war

The Paranormal War of Liberation takes many lives, and one of the most notable is Midnight. The heroine R-Rated, formerly an art teacher at UA High, participates alongside other heroes in the battle against Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

With villains like Shigaraki, Gigantomachia, Dabi, and Mr. Compress, the forces of good are taking serious blows. Midnight effectively uses her Quirk against PLF members, but in the end she is seriously injured and ambushed by Dabi’s regiment. She is killed and her body is later found by members of Class 1-A.

4 Ryukyu truly has the heart of a dragon

Ryûkyû smiling

The Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu is memorable in the anime because of his mentorship from Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, as well as his participation in the Shie Hassaikai raid. A highly competent and level-headed heroine, she is driven by a desire to save people, as evidenced by her speech at the Hero Billboard Chart JP event.

Like other pro heroes, she takes part in the Jaku Hospital raid and manages to save a few people from the decay spreading from Shigaraki. Although she recognizes Tomura’s overwhelming power, she faces him again later. Even though she loses, her refusal to give up says a lot about her character. She truly has the heart of a fearless dragon.

3 Mirko continues to fight despite losing his arm

Mirko pointing and shouting

The Rabbit Hero: Mirko has made brief appearances in the anime so far. However, fans have a lot to look forward to. Mirko’s brief attack on Dabi is just a taste of what this incredible heroine is capable of. During the Paranormal War of Liberation, she effortlessly defeats the Nomu that stands in her way.

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Even when one of them tears off her arm, she keeps fighting. Instead, she uses her legs to rip off the heads of her opponents. In the aftermath of the war, she began using prosthetic arms and was determined to continue to be a heroine.

2 Nana Shimura remains a warrior in one for all, even after death

Nana shimura dead

Mentor of All Might and seventh bearer of One for All, Nana Shimura embodies sacrifice, loss and faith almost as much as All Might. When she meets the Quirkless Toshinori Yagi, she believes in him and in his idea of ​​becoming the symbol of peace. She loses her husband to All for One and decides to give her son Kotaro away. This decision is meant to protect him, but it only causes him to hate heroes. He later abuses his son, Tenko for his desire to become one. Tenko ends up killing his entire family, falling into the hands of All for One and becoming Tomura Shigaraki.

Nana is killed in action by All for One, but her vestige persists in the Quirk and supports Izuku. She even tries to reach out to Tomura and keep him from embracing meanness. Unfortunately, she fails and is unable to save her grandson.

1 Star and Stripe dies heroic death, far too quickly

star and stripe my hero university

A more recent addition to the MHA Hall of Heroes, Cathleen Bate, known as Star and Stripe, is number one in the United States of America. Having been rescued by All Might many years ago, she has a deep admiration for the ancient symbol of peace. His Quirk New Order allows him to grant himself new properties and the world around him. She can only give two orders at a time, and she uses one constantly to improve her physique in a way that practically mimics All Might.

Unfortunately, despite her power, Star and Stripe is unable to defeat Tomura Shigaraki. As the villain becomes a threat to the entire world, she engages him in a terrifying battle, only to have her Quirk stolen and eventually decompose. However, she descends by fighting the remnant of her Quirk rebels against Tomura from within. Her death is truly heroic, but you can’t help but think that it could have been so much more.

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