Minecraft How to get Chorus Fruit and what it is for

Although many aspects of Minecraft Mirroring the nature players know from real life, there are also countless ways Mojang’s sandbox survival game breaks new ground by introducing weird objects, foods, and blocks to spice things up. This gives the game its signature fantasy feel, as well as a slight RPG flavor.

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Among many strange objects like Blaze Rods, Nether Stars, Heart of the Sea, etc., is the purple chorus fruit. It’s one of the most unique items in the game, a type of food that has special properties and can only be found in one place in the entire game. Minecraft.


How to Get Chorus Fruit

The Chorus Fruit, while not the best item in the game, is definitely a late game item. Players will need to enter the End dimension through a stronghold’s End portal and access the End Islands, which are far from the central island where the Ender dragon spawns.

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Once players have defeated the Ender Dragon, a small portal embedded in the bedrock will appear somewhere on the central island, and players can throw an Ender Pearl into it in order to teleport through it. Just be careful not to miss the Ender Pearl throw and teleport into the void.

Players will now have spawned somewhere near the End Islands. Here they can find a huge abundance of chorus fruits in the form of bizarre purple trees that look like fine coral. Breaking these trees will drop chorus fruit for the player.

What is the fruit of Chorus used for

The chorus fruit is apparently quite a useless item and not even a great food source. But it has a few interesting uses that players might like to explore.

Food and teleportation

Chorus Fruit, when eaten, will restore four hunger points, which means two drumsticks on the hunger bar. It’s ok in an emergency situation, but the main problem is its low saturation. A single chorus fruit will restore hunger saturation by just 2.4 points, while a cooked steak for example has a value of 12.8. This means that chorus fruits are okay for filling hunger points but terrible for filling saturation. For more information on how these two values ​​work, check out this guide on how hunger works in Minecraft.

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That said, consuming a Chorus Fruit has the fun effect of teleporting the player, much like how Endermen randomly teleport. Teleport range is any horizontal point within eight blocks in any direction, but no higher than two blocks. Since it’s completely random, it can be quite confusing for players, especially when using it at the end where the islands tend to look the same.

Crafted End Rods and Purpur Blocks

Chorus Fruits can be melted in an oven, which will turn them into popped Chorus Fruits, a nice homage to popcorn. Burst Chorus Fruit is used in two key crafting recipes: Endstalks and Purpur Blocks.

  • End Rod: On the crafting table, combine a Blaze Rod and an exploded chorus fruit below it to create an End rod, which emits light similar to a torch.
  • Purpur Block: Combine four burst chorus fruits in a crafting grid in a 2×2 square to get a purpur block, the same block found in End Cities.

Purpur block variants can be accessed through the Stonecutter, in case players are looking for a specific type of purpur block.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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