Missing, broken decorations on the Palm City girl’s grave


If you’ve ever lost a loved one, their grave may be a place to find peace.

A Palm City mother said she has shown up to her child’s resting place on several occasions, only to find missing or even broken decorations.

When Barbie and her daughter Mackenzie want to see 11-year-old Maddie Demers, they visit Forest Hills Memorial Park.

“We’re going to visit her at least once a week,” Barbie said.

Barbie often leaves her daughter – Mackenzie’s sister – with fresh flowers next to a light-up angel and a Spider-Man figure, Maddie’s favorite superhero.

“It’s a comfort. It’s a healing,” said Barbie.

Maddie died of rare bone cancer more than four years ago. WPTV has shared her story over the years, first meeting her when she was just six years old, when her family created the Maddie’s Fight Foundation to raise funds to support other families battling the disease. childhood cancer.


“We have helped at least 50 families,” said Barbie.

But now they’re asking for a little help keeping Maddie’s grave a place that doesn’t add to their pain.

Over the past year, they said they noticed some items were cut by weed burrowers.

“We called and said, do you mind if they’re careful?” Barbie said.

And over the weekend, Mackenzie went to Forest Hills to bring Maddie a plant.

“I found the broken tree plant, and the Spider-Man and the angel were gone,” Mackenzie said.


A sign at the cemetery said Forest Hills was not responsible for anything broken or stolen, but Maddie’s family said they didn’t know where the missing items were.

Maddie's Family.PNG
Maddie’s Family.PNG

A policy board said the cemetery can remove statues and toys from the plots, which Barbie said was not a problem for the first few years.

If they were caught, Barbie wants to collect the items and plans to bring in some new items to celebrate Maddie’s birthday at the end of the month.

“I just hope I can put his Spider-Man back on. I guess I will have another Angel. I hope I can drop them there and they can stay,” said Barbie.

WPTV reached out to Forest Hills Memorial Park on Monday for comment and is still awaiting a response.

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