Naruto: 10 Fastest Leaf Village Ninjas, Ranked

naruto is still one of the biggest titles in shonen anime, and it’s easy to see why. naruto boasts a legendary and compelling ninjutsu battle system, a huge cast of classic shonen characters, memorable fight scenes, and much more. naruto ninjas are some of the most skilled fighters of the entire shonen genre.

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The characters of naruto can be assessed in many ways, from their chakra reserves and best jutsu and taijutsu proficiency. There’s also the issue of speed, with some ninjas moving faster than the eye can see, and many of the fastest characters in the series are Hidden Leaf ninjas in the main series. It’s clear who the fastest Leaf ninjas are in the main events of Naruto.

ten Kiba Inuzuka uses canine jutsu in combat

Kiba Inuzuka is among the less impressive members of the Konoha 11 squad, but he’s still a capable melee fighter who is never seen without his canine companion, Akamaru. Kiba is quite fast when using his chakra and ninjutsu to imitate dogs, including the Fang Over Fang technique.

Kiba then fell behind his fellow Konoha 11 members, and he didn’t do much during the Fourth Shinobi Great War. Yet he ranks among the most powerful and outstanding chunin, and he has a ferocious speed and aggressiveness worthy of any taijutsu specialist.

9 Jiraiya is faster than it looks


Jiraiya the Toad Sage tends to emphasize summoning jutsu and ninjutsu in battle, such as firebombs and summoning Gamabunta, but he’s not exactly a fixed target. Jiraiya has a quick wit and quick feet to adapt to in combat, making him a tough opponent for any ninja, even the Six Paths of Pain.

Jiraiya can easily evade an enemy’s attacks while preparing his own jutsu, giving him enough time to prepare a devastating jutsu to finish the fight. He can also enter Sage Mode, further increasing his speed and strength.

8 Neji Hyuga has some moves

5 neji hyuga using byakugan

Neji Hyuga was a talented member of the esteemed Hyuga ninja clan, although he was stuck in the cadet branch of that family. Despite the adverse circumstances of his birth, Neji worked hard to cultivate his talents, from his Byakugan eyes to his fierce taijutsu as a Gentle Fist user.

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Neji can move in quick bursts in battle, quickly hitting his enemy’s chakra points to cut them off from the ninjutsu. Neji is a melee fighter who fears no foe, and his combination of sheer speed, endless hours of training, and Byakuygan vision make him a tough target to hit.

seven Sasuke Uchiha is an agile fighter

Sasuke grimacing;  his curse mark is visible on his neck

Speed ​​might not be Sasuke Uchiha’s main asset, but still, this rogue Leaf ninja ranks among the fastest naruto characters and among the fastest Leaf ninjas in particular. Sasuke has always been a talented ninja in everything from genjutsu to taijutsu, and he’s only gotten better with time.

Sasuke trained with his mentor Kakashi Hatake to match Rock Lee’s speed in taijutsu, and Shippuden, he was even faster and most ninjas just couldn’t keep up with him. And it helps that he has his Sharingan eyes supporting him.

6 Kakashi Hatake can act quickly in battle

Late Kakashi meme

Kakashi Hatake doesn’t always seem to take things seriously, but when he does, his speed, strength, ninjutsu, and tactical intelligence are all amazing. Kakashi also ranks among the best-rounded Leaf ninjas, mastering just about every arena, from genjutsu to summoning and weaponry.

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Kakashi’s speed has allowed him to survive hundreds of missions. With this speed, he can evade ninjutsu or enemy weapons before countering with his fearsome Lightning Blade in a devastating melee attack. Hardly anyone will have time to block or dodge such an attack.

5 Rock Lee is all about taijutsu

rock lee open mouth naruto

Rock Lee practices taijutsu to the exclusion of everything else since he was born unable to do any ninjutsu or genjutsu at all. Rock Lee is determined to become a splendid ninja with martial arts alone, and at this rate, he absolutely will.

Rock Lee easily ranks among the fastest ninjas in the Leaf Village thanks to his mastery of taijutsu, especially when he took off his ankle weights during the Chunin Exam story arc. He can also open the interior doors to move even faster, although taking this route is risky.

4 Might Guy wrote the book on taijutsu

Smiling Might Guy - Naruto

Might Guy is the Leaf Village’s undisputed taijutsu master, and he personally trained Rock Lee in the ways of martial arts. Might Guy is also naturally competitive and optimistic at heart, valuing the “springtime of youth”. In battle, he fights with seemingly endless vigor and zeal.

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Might Guy is famous for his overwhelming strength and tremendous speed with taijutsu alone, allowing him to stand up to extremely talented ninjutsu users with physical strength alone. If he opens enough doors, he can even challenge Madara Uchiha and Tailed Beasts.

3 Itachi Uchiha was incredibly talented

Itachi Uchiha with his mask

Even by Uchiha Family standards, let alone Leaf Village standards, Itachi Uchiha was an extraordinarily talented person, and he joined the ANBU black ops at a remarkably young age. Everyone admired his raw talent for fighting, which included taijutsu among other things.

Itachi seems to favor genjutsu illusions over combat, but he can also perform incredible feats of taijutsu if need be, moving across the battlefield with astonishing speed. No one can touch him in battle, and he can dispatch many enemies before they even know what’s going on.

2 Naruto Uzumaki can increase his speed with special modes

By default, Naruto Uzumaki, the shonen protagonist, has remarkable speed, but he must use special modes if he wants to rank among the fastest characters in Leaf Village. For example, when Naruto uses Sage Mode, his speed is greatly enhanced, and that’s not all.

Naruto can also use Kurama’s chakra and Six Paths mode to increase his strength and speed to incredible levels, to the point where he can match or surpass the super-fast ninjas in Cloud Village, which is saying a lot.

1 Minato Namikaze was renowned for his speed

Minato Namikaze Fourth Hokage Naruto Dad

Minato Namikaze, the famous Fourth Hokage, was known as Yellow Flash thanks to his unparalleled speed. He is the fastest ninja in Leaf Village, though he didn’t rely solely on speed to fight. He invented the Rasengan technique, which later became his son’s favorite jutsu.

Minato could teleport across battlefields in an instant, especially when using his kunai knife, and even Obito Uchiha couldn’t keep up with him. Minato could also summon the massive Gamabunta into battle if needed.

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