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A new image of John Cho as Spike in Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop includes a subtle nod to three fan-favorite background characters of the anime.

A new image of Netflix’s live-action reboot from Cowboy Bebop seems to indicate that three fan-favorite background characters of the classic anime will return to take their seats at the table.

Photo from the upcoming series, shared by GE, shows John Cho as the main character Spike walking into a beer garden in his signature blue suit. People are seated at tables on either side of him, and those on the right edge of the image look eerily like Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim, a trio whose frequent appearances in the anime were both hilarious and inexplicable.

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Although the figures are partially obscured by the angle of view, the one with his back to the camera wears a red baseball cap and the one in front of him has a beige wide-brimmed hat. These are the same accessories worn by two of the “Three Old Men” from the anime, and the third man does not wear a hat but has the same beard and hair as his counterpart from the anime.

In the Cowboy Bebop anime, the Three Old Men made sporadic, disconnected appearances in the background, always together and often playing games as they chatted and bickered over details of their story that they didn’t quite remember. Although they have no affiliation with the main characters in the series, their paths constantly crossed, even as the Bebop team of bounty hunters roamed the solar system. They occasionally interacted with each other, but throughout the show no one seemed to ever recognize each other in previous encounters.

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If the three men Spike walks past in the new image are really meant to be the Three Old Men, it’s likely that one version of the joke from the anime will continue into the live-action series. Showrunner André Nemec said his goal is to capture the spirit of the beloved Cowboy Bebop monkey-free anime all the details, so that kind of nod would be in keeping with that vision while still leaving plenty of room to mix up the formula.

Cowboy Bebop will surely contain a lot of feuds from various characters when the show’s first season starts airing on Netflix on November 19th.

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