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In recent months, NFT or as it is coded, non-fungible tokens have become a hot topic that everyone is talking about. NFT is a valuable model of digital property that you could make money from.

If you have paper money or cash in your bank accounts, you can buy, rent, sell, invest, and be an active player in the global stock market game. The same could be said about NFTs, which could be purchased using cryptocurrencies, in most cases within the Ethereum blockchain. With so many eyes on the promising new technology, the value of NFT increases dramatically in the global stock market as you can see investors make moves and prices go up and down.

Since NFTs are digital assets and represent real world objects, from art to game items, you can expect anything you buy with them to stay in the digital world forever. However, the upcoming new project – fantastic game “Bewitchment”Is willing and ready to be the wind for change in this area.

“Spellfire” suggests a unique real-life in-game card possession experience

“Spellfire” is a fantastic game that offers players unique experiences in the magical world of lands like Bloodborn, Wet Desserts or The Holy Deadlands. Many gamers might dive into a spellbinding world that will likely remind you of your favorite fantasy movies or series.

Kings and witches, good guys and bad guys, wars and betrayals, here you will have everything a great fantasy game should have and apparently even more. The digital version of the game features hundreds of carefully and artistically designed playing cards that depict different characters in several distinctive levels.

With these kinds of games, generally everything stays in the digital world, however, with NFT gaining momentum, the minds behind the “Spellfire” are taking a revolutionary route and presenting the possibility of buying real world maps of the game. Game.

The most loyal and engaged fans or people who maybe see the benefits of collecting can purchase game cards with NFT. Being the digital ledger in some way similar to cryptocurrencies, each NFT is unique, and in this case, could represent real property, like a playing card. You could have it at home, real like any other. something else you buy with cash, but in the digital world a card can be very valuable and earn you money on its own.

Fighting evil monsters and banking has never been easier

If more people enter the market, sell, buy, and resell, the prices go up and you could make more money. In this case, let’s say you purchased the Arcana: Fire card from “Spellfire” which is interactive and upgradeable.

After a while you decide to sell it, you look at the prices and market activity, and you track when the prices peak the most – then it’s time to sell. That way having real maps makes the experience much better and almost surreal. Players not only have part of the virtual world with them, but can also see what helps them earn money.

Bewitchment allows everyone involved to become a part of the revolution, which connects the past with the future. You own a fairly common playing card but in reality you are involved in something surreal and futuristic.

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