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“They told me about asylum here and I think it’s better, more correct, to do it right,” Mondragon said. He has young daughters and “I wouldn’t take the risk.”

For Chacón, she made the decision to leave Guatemala after a machete attack, she said, showing scars along her left arm.

Nadia’s sister, Esthela, disappeared in 2006 as she crossed the border into Arizona “in search of the American dream,” according to video testimony Nadia provided in 2018 to the Colibri Center for Human Rights, an organization for human rights. Tucson nonprofit that helps identify the remains of migrants and their families. to find the fence.

“She wanted to give her son a better future. The school, the clothes, the food, everything that was very difficult and is still hard to come by in Mexico, ”Nadia said. “She was an ambitious woman. She didn’t want to be content with the way things were. She wanted to fight for more. “

“I don’t know exactly how far Esthela walked. They think it was three days and those days were very difficult for her, that it was terribly hot and that Esthela might not have been better. health to walk, ”Nadia said.

“I imagine Esthela must have suffered from thirst,” Nadia said as her voice choked and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Sometimes I think about this and that, this idea, thinking about that, that Esthela is dying of thirst, it tortures me, it hurts me.

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