Pokémon: 10 characters who don’t deserve hate

There are characters in the Pokemon anime that elicits the most hatred from viewers. This could be due to their personality traits, their various actions in their appearances in Pokemon, or both. While these characters may be hated for justifiable reasons, including abandoning Pokémon or angering other characters, some of the hatred they’ve earned from fans is unnecessary.

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This included some characters hated because they simply had a crush on another character, temporarily replacing other characters as travel companions, or being less strong trainers than the main protagonists.

ten Goh is Ash’s newest travel companion

pokemon goh

Goh was hated because of his hyperactive personality and his determination to catch all Pokémon. His method of catching Pokémon depended on him simply by throwing a Poké Ball at the target without doing anything to weaken it first, mimicking the game. Pokémon Go.

However, there are also plenty of other hyper and excitable personalities that other characters have, including Misty and Barry. Additionally, Goh may be incredibly inexperienced at catching Pokémon and training, but he’s slowly improving to become a more effective trainer for his team, especially his Cinderace.

9 Paul gave up Chimchar but he got better

paul pokemon

Paul is extremely despised by viewers as one of the rivals of Ash who abandoned the Pokemon, Chimchar. However, Paul slowly but steadily grew as a coach and as a person throughout his run in Pokemon. This culminated in an epic conclusion to his rivalry with Ash at Sinnoh’s Lily of the Valley conference.

Even though he came across as one of Ash’s cruelest rivals, he developed the most over time, albeit in subtle ways. He never gave up any Pokémon after Chimchar. Even though Paul was a tough trainer for his team, it helped his Pokémon get stronger over time.

8 Todd Snapp is hated by viewers thanks to his hyperactive personality

Pokemon Todd Snap

Todd Snapp initially seemed immature to viewers, due to his obsession with getting the best possible picture rather than focusing on the current situation. However, that trait of sound mellowed in his subsequent appearances, much to the relief of viewers who initially hated him.

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While he remained hyperactive and excited about getting a nice picture of other Pokémon, he also focused more on pressing issues when they arose. This included dealing with villainous teams like Team Rocket.

seven Fans didn’t like Tracey Sketchit since he temporarily replaced Brock

Tracey Sketchit from the Pokemon anime

Tracey technically existed to temporarily replace Brock as a mentor. Of all of Ash’s travel companions, Tracey has undergone an individual character development of her own as a Pokémon Watcher. This included befriending and partnering with Scyther, as well as bonding with Ash, Misty, and their respective Pokémon. Even though he later became Professor Oak’s assistant and has rarely appeared since then, he has been a very fun companion alongside Ash and Misty while Brock was away.

6 Iris has been looked down upon by some fans for her occasional hypocrisy

Some fans thought Iris was a hypocrite because she was often as immature as Ash, but sometimes she had good ideas. This, coupled with his love of Dragon-type Pokémon, made him a more sympathetic companion. Although she did not become a master of dragons, she did become the new champion of the Unova region. It also helped her personality soften slightly, making Iris a bit more sympathetic to fans who hated her first.

5 Clemont was hated for being an inefficient gym leader

Clemont in the Pokémon anime

Clemont was hated because he neglected his duties as head of the gymnasium. This included creating the Clembot to fight enemies, only for this invention to kick Clemont out of his gym. It also didn’t help that many of Clemont’s actual inventions ended up self-destructing or malfunctioning, despite his best efforts.

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However, Pokémon ‘s Clemont intended to use machines to help Pokémon and humans coexist, which should not be underestimated. Even though Clemont’s goal was ultimately elusive, he made machines that worked, and his love of invention won over some fans.

4 Serena didn’t like her crush on Ash

Some fans disliked Serena because of her crush on Ash, but another major reason was based on her position as a Performer Pokémon. Being a Pokémon actress made her almost too much like Dawn, who was a Pokémon coordinator. Some viewers felt the two were too similar, both in their personalities and in their respective professions. This left Serena without a single character. Much of her appearance during her time alongside Ash focused more on her potential romantic development with Ash, than on her storylines like Misty, Dawn, and the other female companions.

3 Misty was hated for fighting with Ash

foggy pokemon with crashed bike

Misty might have a hot temper, but other characters also fought with Ash among her other companions, including Iris and May. Even though she’s the tomboy sister to her older sisters who run Cerulean Gym, Misty is a tough trainer in her own right.

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She also had endearing connections to her Psyduck, Togepi, and other Pokémon on her team, which made her more sympathetic to fans. Her hot temper also mellowed at the end of the trip alongside Ash and Brock, which also helped redeem her with some fans who initially didn’t like her.

2 Barry hated his overactive personality

Barry from Pokémon

Viewers especially disliked Barry because he is incredibly hyperactive. He also opposed Ash as a Pokémon trainer, albeit as a weaker rival. However, Barry grew up after watching Ash fight gym leader Fantina and passed the Lily Of The Valley conference preliminary round. Even though Barry lost to Paul and was nowhere as strong as Ash, by the time the main cast ended in Sinnoh, he still grew as a person and as a coach. He was also more sympathetic and caring towards his Pokémon than Paul was at first, which earned him some admiration from fans.

1 Ash was hated for going beyond his reception to some fans

ash squeezing pokemon pikachu

Even though Ash is the main protagonist of Pokemon, some fans hate the way he apparently went past his welcome. Some fans thought that Pokemon should change the main protagonist, especially since Ash is now the champion Alolan. Others didn’t like Ash as he still made bad mistakes during his coaching tenure, despite the good developments he had had. However, Ash is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, and Ash has a lot of growth to go through before he becomes a full master. This continued journey is particularly highlighted with the introduction of the Coronation World Series in Travel.

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