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the Pokemon franchise has been creating pocket monsters for over 25 years. Each generation has presented Pokémon with amazingly unique designs and others that are significantly inspired by real life. While the different designs that Pokemon used throughout the series have garnered both criticism and praise, many of their creations seem to be related to each other. For some of these Pokémon, The Pokemon Company put them in categories that match each other, but other people would assume that a type was classified differently.

A great example of Pokémon like this are the bat-like Pokémon that appear throughout the series. While there are several Pokémon that are officially categorized as “Bat Pokémon”, there are also some that could easily fall into the category. Pokémon are often incredibly common in caves and were the bane of many players trying to navigate the early stages of the game up to The Elite Four in Pokémon Red through Pokemon Sword.

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Gen 1 and 2 bats

The first generation of games, Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow all featured the Zubat and Golbat Pokémon. Both Pokémon are of the same evolutionary lineage and have the same typing. As a Poison and Flying-type Pokémon, they have infested caves throughout the Kanto region. Zubat and Golbat were also the first Pokémon to be categorized as bats, and bear the most notable resemblance to people’s idea of ​​what a bat looks like.

Pokémon Gold and Silver built on the Zubat line with a second evolution and introduced its own bat-like Pokémon. Both Pokémon have a double strike, with Crobat remaining consistent with the Poison and Flying combo that Zubat and Golbat had before him. Gligar, on the other hand, brings a unique type to the series.

Gligar is the first to be both Flight and Ground type. While the contradictory strike may seem odd to some, it matches the design of the Pokémon well. It has similar attributes to the other bat-like Pokémon in the series, but is classified as the Flying Scorpion Pokémon. Considering Gligar’s pincer-shaped appendages and scorpion tail, this makes sense, but the Pokemon also strongly resembles a bat.


The third generation of Pokemon the games ignored any Pokemon that might look like a bat or fall into the Bat Pokemon category, but Gen 4 was able to add one. Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, although known for its excellent gameplay and story, has also added a number of evolutions to the series. This included Gliscor, an evolution for the bat-like Pokémon Gligar.

Gliscor retains many of Gligar’s design features but makes a few changes, mainly in terms of color and sharpness. The softer rounded edges that helped Gligar look cute but playful become hardened and sharp. These characteristics are intensified by the black wings that Gliscor gains over the purple wings of Gligar.

The wings bear a striking resemblance to Batman’s cape and add to the fierceness of the Pokémon Fang Scorpion. With yellow eyes and bigger claws, this evolution radically changes the aesthetics of its evolutionary line. Gliscor is by far the most intimidating Pokémon to take on the appearance of a bat and would be the pride of Giovanni or Bruce Wayne.

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From Woobat to Noivern

Pokemon Noiverne

Generation 5 and 6 each add two Pokémon that match the bat pattern. Gen 5 Pokémon Black and White introduces Woobat and Swoobat. Although both are members of the same evolutionary lineage, they do not fall into the same category as Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat. Woobat belongs to the Bat Pokemon category like other bats, but its Swoobat evolution is listed as the Courting Pokemon. With his heart-shaped nose, it’s easy to see why he might enjoy a date night, but he certainly could have adapted as a Bat Pokemon like any other.

Pokémon X and Yes‘s Noibat and Noivern, like Swoobat, are oversized bats but share the categorization of being the Pokémon Sound Wave. While they probably have the most obvious bat-type designs outside of Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat, they’re also Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon instead of Poison. Noibat’s cute appearance firmly places him as the least intimidating of the bat-like Pokémon the series has introduced so far, but Noivern’s design is noticeably intimidating.

His oversized ears and sharp features are a great dragon and bat combination. The black, purple, and green palette the Pokémon relies on creates an intimidating look, while the oversized ears play on the use of echolocation seen in many real bats. Noivern is truly a top predator, and this is reinforced by his large size, nearly five feet tall, and stubborn hunting abilities.

Lunala the Pokémon Moone

As tall as Noivern is, he’s easily overshadowed by Lunala. The Pokémon is styled after the moon and a bat while being the only Legendary Pokémon to wear a bat motif so far. Lunala’s design is much more intricate than other Pokémon that match the same aesthetic, and its massive size of just over thirteen feet makes it creepy.

While Lunala is beautiful and radiant in her design, the Pokemon thrives in the dark. Capturing all the light that surrounds it, Lunala can plunge the surrounding environment into an artificial night by feeding its energy. Coming from an alternate dimension like the other Ultra Beasts introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lunala is one of the most mysterious monsters in the series. It is also by far the most powerful to adapt to the bat pattern so far.

Even though Lunala is categorized as the Pokémon Moone, it’s interesting how Pokémon has adapted real-world animals into unique creatures for games. Many Pokémon in the series are notable for this, and while some are more objects that come to life than fantastic beasts, each brings their own strengths in terms of design. With Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl Releasing this fall, fans will likely have to wait until next year for new Pokémon. Still, there is a lot of potential for classic designs to be revisited in Pokemonis the ninth generation.

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