Pokémon Journeys: Why People Hate Goh

He’s already befriended Suicune and mastered the art of catching Pokemon over two seasons of the anime, so why do people hate Goh so much?

The last season of Pokemon Journeys introduced several new fan-favorite characters – but universal hatred for Goh ensures he’s not one of them. Pokémon Journeys: The Series marks the long-running franchise anime’s 23rd season to date, with Travels‘ Chloe Cerise and classic protagonist Ash Ketchum among the most famous Pokémon characters to try to catch them all since the original anime aired in 1997. However, in contrast, Goh received a decidedly frosty reception from fans of the series, with the audience unable to warm up to the naturally talented young coach.

The second season of Pokemon Journeys continues the fellowship adventures of the aforementioned Ash, Goh, and Chloe as they travel through all eight known Pokémon regions, including Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s UK-inspired Galar. The final episodes of Season 2 also see the trio explore the icy Galar tundra before returning to Kanto’s classic setting, Vermillion City. The last four episodes of Pokemon Journeys season 2 is set to release on January 21-28, 2022 and will be part of a story arc based on the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus video game.


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Although TV Tokyo has moved forward with plans to release another Pokemon Journeys season, Goh remains a universally reviled character in anime as a whole. Goh’s anger stems primarily from his exceptional and seemingly natural talents for capturing Pokémon, with the character already having two Legendaries in his Pokédex, despite having almost no training. Goh’s supremacy over the much more experienced Ash, who is considered to have earned his place in the pantheon of great Pokémon trainers, has caused much resentment towards his character from a fervent anime fanbase.

Despite Pokemon Journeys Spanning just two of the official Pokémon anime’s vast 24 seasons, Goh’s accomplishments already eclipse those of every other protagonist to date. In a short time, Goh has already caught and encountered several Mythical and Legendary Pokémon, his most impressive catch being the legendary dog ​​Suicune. These legendary encounters seem undeserved due to his relatively short time on the show, meaning he’s seen as a deus-ex-machina-style character who can handle any situation.

In contrast, Ash Ketchum is literally the poster child for Pokemon, having been the main protagonist of the series since 1997. As such, Ash is widely regarded as the best and most beloved trainer of all time, which means that any character who usurps him is likely to be criticized. . Pokemon Journeys portrays Goh as a better trainer than Ash in many ways, which was not well received by longtime fans of the show.

Goh’s flippant nature also plays into his unpopularity, with many of his best takes to date seemingly done on a whim. This contrasts again with Ash’s classic blood and thunder style towards Pokémon training, with Ash putting his heart and soul into every encounter he has. Ash’s mantra of treating all Pokemon equally is what Pokemon anime audiences have become accustomed to over the past 25 years, ensuring that Goh’s stark changes to this formula act as a jarring feature. While Goh can still redeem himself in the eyes of Pokemon Journeys anime fanbase, he remains for now one of the most hated characters ever introduced in the series.

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