Refresh your summer spending with Navigator Credit Union

Get ready for lazy days and fun getaways! Summer is here. Unfortunately, our summer spending can leave wallets empty in the fall. Navigator Credit Union offers smart ways to reduce common summer expenses.

Save fuel Gas prices are on the rise and there is no relief in sight. Even if you travel the same distance, it will cost you more. Here’s what you can do to get the most out of the dollars you spend at the pump.

· Use the lowest octane rating advised by your owner’s manual. Using a higher level than recommended does not provide any additional benefit.

· Empty your trunk. Carrying extra weight decreases fuel efficiency.

· Combine trips. Making separate trips from a cold start uses more gas than traveling the same distance with a warm engine.

· Drive smart. Fuel efficiency decreases at speeds over 60 miles per hour, and fast starting and stopping consumes more gas than smooth driving.

· Follow routine maintenance. Change your oil, keep tires inflated, replace air filters, and tune your engine according to your owner’s manual recommendations for the best fuel efficiency. A check engine light is a sure sign that you are not getting optimal mileage per gallon.

Reduce cooling costs Electricity consumption tends to peak during the summer months, primarily due to air conditioning. To reduce energy costs, replace your air filters often and raise the thermostat by as little as four degrees. Make a habit of using a ceiling fan to circulate hot air as it rises, but remember to turn it off when you leave a room. Keep blinds and curtains drawn to block out sunlight that can heat up your home.

Entertain children at a lower cost From summer camp to swimming lessons, the activities for kids can add up. The good news? Warmer weather usually means more festivals, outdoor concerts and community events. Follow your city’s or department of parks and recreation’s social media accounts to keep up to date with free events. Plan a get-together with friends and their kids and you can save money with group discounts.

Plan a thrifty summer trip Everyone loves big summer trips, but they can be expensive. Reduce costs by visiting more affordable tourist sites. Nearby state parks or local beaches are great choices. If you want to travel further, consider visiting family. You’ll have free accommodation and someone local to show you around.

If you don’t feel like leaving, try exploring your community. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes, pack some snacks, and pretend to see your surroundings as a visitor would. Contact your local chamber of commerce or tourist office to find local events and attractions you’ve never visited before. Look for free or discounted entry days at museums. Explore local parks and walking trails. The possibilities are limitless.

Eat at home, grill more often It’s no secret that eating out is more expensive than eating out. Consider planning your meals to cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen, and budgeting for the use of your groceries. For a change, take it outside and grill up delicious meals during the week. Grilling helps eliminate the simultaneous use of two energy-hungry appliances: your HVAC and the oven/stove. Have fun testing different foods on the grill and enjoy relaxing summer evenings spent outdoors.

Need extra help this summer? Learn about personal loans from Navigator. Use the funds for family vacations, projects around the house, paying bills, or anything else you might need. Personal loans are available for amounts up to $20,000 with affordable rates, flexible terms and fast processing. Click here to find out more.

About Navigator Credit Union Navigator Credit Union has been guiding the Gulf Coast since 1939. Navigator is a non-profit credit union, here for members, not Wall Street investors. This means Credit Union can provide a full range of financial products and services, with better rates, lower fees and more flexibility than most banks, including free checks, home loans, car loans and credit card. Navigator has 12 full-service locations from Gulfport, Miss., to Daphne, Ala., and is committed to providing the strength, stability and financial resources members need – no matter what happens during the life. Visit to learn more or apply for membership!

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