Sasha Braus and 9 other female anime characters with the biggest appetites


Food is a universal need for all living things on the planet. What counts as “food” depends on the species, of course, but for humans, “food” can refer to a wide variety of things. As omnivores, humans can eat a multitude of substances, which means there is a lot of food that can make people – and cartoon characters, salivate.

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While the rambunctious boy who needs a lot of energy is a common trope for anime characters with big appetites, it’s not always so noticeable in female characters. Monkey D. Luffy from A play and Goku from Dragon ball are both guys with a big appetite, but female characters like Sasha Braus from The attack of the Titans are there to give them a little competition.

ten Overeating puts Sasha in trouble (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan Sasha eating a potato during training

One of the first things fans learn about Sasha Braus in The attack of the Titans is his sometimes dangerous addiction to food. While this could be due to her background as a Dauper Village hunter, Sasha also seems to experience a lot of stress while eating. Her desire for food is so strong that she is impulsively stolen from infantry food stores – and even in the kitchen – while she was still a trainee, which put her in hot water with her superiors.

9 Kagura is rarely seen without her favorite snack (Gintama)

Anime Gintama Kagura eats mouth wide

Rice and sukonbu (marinated seaweed) seem to be Kagura’s favorite foods, but she has been seen to eat a lot more than that in Gintama. As a member of the Yato Tribe, Kagura has an insatiable appetite that allows him to eat copious amounts of food without a problem. Some episodes of Gintama features Kagura eating until she is several times her usual size, and she has even been seen eating a giant takoyaki ball. Fortunately, she’s energetic enough to burn off all those extra calories.

8 Fuu once ate over twenty-seven bowls of Anago-Don (Samurai Champloo)

Anime Samurai Champloo Fuu eats rice quickly

Immediately before handing in their swords as an entrance fee for an eating contest Samurai Champloo, Fuu Kasumi notes that she, Mugen, and Jin are “always hungry,” so winning the competition should be a snap.

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However, only Fuu is able to hold out until the final rounds of the eating contest before accidentally reporting defeat. Anago-don is a Japanese dish made with grilled eel over rice, and it’s quite delicious, so it’s no surprise that Fuu was able to keep eating.

7 Eating is one of Usagi’s (Sailor Moon) favorite pastimes

Usagi insults Rei for an ice cream

Usagi Tsukino’s love for food is evident from the start of Sailor moon, because one of her first dilemmas centers around the stress of gaining a little extra weight … to which her family comments that they eat more than they exercise. There are many scenes throughout Sailor moon showing Usagi indulging in a variety of different foods including street food, candy, and even mugs of ramen. Usagi is a girl who loves to eat and doesn’t hesitate, and she even admitted that eating makes her happy.

6 Hanajima’s predilection for food is hard to miss (fruit basket)

Although Saki Hanajima is a background character in Basket of fruits, she has a handful of appearances, and in most of them, she eats. In fact, Hanajima’s thoughts seem to frequently involve Tohru or food. Perhaps the most comical example of Hanajima’s appetite is in the class play Cinderella, in which Hanajima is seen eating grilled meat and fried rice. while she’s on stage, playing the part of Cinderella. The way she casually nibbles on food regardless of the social context is endlessly entertaining.

5 Miaka has fallen more than once for a food-based trap (Fushigi Yuugi)

Eating large amounts of food is one of Miaka Yuki’s biggest gags in Fushigi Yuugi, and she has been called gluttonous by other characters on several occasions. Miaka’s gluttony is so widespread that her enemies are able to lure her into traps using food, and she once got lost after smelling delicious food and wandering away in search of her. source. And she even dreamed of being surrounded by her favorite foods, which only heightens her insatiable appetite.

4 Food is constantly on Elma’s mind (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Featured Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S E4 Elma

In the distant past of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Elma played her role as the dragon of the Harmony faction by living peacefully among humans and protecting their right to worship the gods … but she did so by acting as a god herself.

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Elma’s main motivation in this business was the fact that humans generally offer food and drink to those they believe to be gods, especially in the past. Even in modern times, Elma is still very fond of human cooking, and it’s quite easy to bribe or motivate her with tasty treats.

3 Kyoko’s love for food is linked to her story (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Kyoko in casual dress

As Kyoko Sakura’s father struggled to attract others to his religious teachings, their family had a hard time and couldn’t afford much food in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. As a result, Kyoko became very attached to food and particularly despises waste, as she lived in food insecurity. Kyoko’s psychological attachment to food prompts her to eat frequently, and she is almost always seen with a snack. She also doesn’t hesitate to steal to get the food she needs to live.

2 Indulging in Candy is Stocking’s Favorite Sin (Panties and Stockings with Garter Belt)

down with his swords

Both Anarchy sisters were cast out of heaven for indulging in sin, and Stocking Anarchy’s particular transgression is linked to gluttony. Stocking likes most foods in Panties and stockings with garter belt, but her favorite type of food is sweets. She has an online blog where she reviews the different candies she tries, and she’s even signed up on a decades-long waiting list to get her hands on a legendary specialty pudding. Too bad Panty accidentally ate it when he finally arrived.

1 Local specialties are one of Holo’s biggest weaknesses (Spice & Wolf)

spice holo and wolf drinking and calling someone a fool

For a street vendor like Kraft Lawrence, Holo’s appetite is a force to be reckoned with in Spice & Wolf. Likewise, however, Lawrence is able to use Holo’s appetite to his advantage if he needs his special skills in dealing with other merchants. Depending on the circumstances, Lawrence may or may not excite Holo with stories of special local delicacies he ate on the road, such as the famous honey-marinated peaches that literally made Holo drool.

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