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Notoriously brash supermodel Janice Dickinson rose to fame in the 1970s after being discovered by a photographer Jacques Silverstein and his then girlfriend, actress Lorraine Bracco. Dickinson was, for a while, one of the busiest and highest paid women in the fashion industry.

Today, the star is best known for her career in reality television, mainly due to her time as a judge on the first seasons of America’s Next Top Model. But even after leaving that show under a cloud of controversy in 2008, she barely disappeared from the public eye. Keep reading to find out what Dickinson has been up to since her heyday as “the world’s first supermodel.”

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During the 70s and 80s, Dickinson was one of the most in-demand models in the industry, appearing in advertisements and on countless magazine covers. This success was hard earned, according to The Official, because the budding star didn’t fit the blonde-haired, blue-eyed look popular at the time. However, after being hired as a client by a famous agent Wilhelmina Coopershe began to work steadily, earning up to $2,000 per day and working with the likes of Versace, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein.

She later referred to herself”world’s first model“, although the veracity of this claim is disputed (with citations) in a long section of his Wikipedia page.

Janice Dickinson in 2018
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Dickinson’s glamorous public life hid hardships that no camera lens ever captured. She partied and regularly used drugs, she told the evening standard in 2012, and lived a “hedonistic lifestyle”, sleeping with, according to his estimate, more than 1,000 people. While under the influence at a show, she once fell off a podium into an actress’ lap Sophie Loren.

His addictions also included a habit of plastic surgery. “Everything about me is fake, and I’m perfect,” she said in a 2007 interview with Glenn Beck. “Fake breasts, fake teeth, fake nails, fake hair. I’m perfect. Restylane, Botox, etc. I’m the first to sign up.”

Dickinson was married and divorced three times between 1977 and 1996 and gave birth to two children. His son Nat (with her second husband, television producer Simon Fields) was born in 1987, and her daughter Savannah in 1994. At the time of Savannah’s conception, Dickinson was having an affair with the actor Sylvester Stallone and named him as the father, though a paternity test eventually revealed he wasn’t, as reported People.

Finally realizing that his drug use was impacting his career, in July 2000, Dickinson decided to get sober. She gave up drugs and alcohol and began writing her first memoirs. No lifeguard on duty: the accidental life of the world’s first model was published in 2002 and provides a no-holds-barred account of her tumultuous time in the modeling business and a heartbreaking account of the abuse she says she suffered growing up at the hands of her father. The memoir was well received by critics, who praised her candor; a review in The Editor’s Weekly noted that she seemed willing to address her past mistakes, making it “easy to relate to her positive message…[the book] should inspire readers seeking solutions to professional and personal conflict.”

A second memoir Please check! Dating, mating and extricationwas released in 2006.

Janice Dickinson in 2019

The book’s positive reception caught the model’s eye Tyra Bankswho was creating the reality series America’s Next Top Model. Dickinson was named one of the judges who would offer reviews to aspiring models hoping to break into the industry. The work put her back in the spotlight and introduced herself to a younger generation of viewers.

“When I was hired to do America’s Next Top ModelTyra hired me to be like a wife Simon Cowellto feed, in a negative way, things about girls,” Dickinson said. from Oprah Where are they now? in 2015.

After four “cycles” of the show, however, Dickinson was fired from the show in 2008. She claimed at the time that she was being punished for be too honest with the contestants about the rejection they would face in the real world of modeling, which conflicted with the narrative the TV series was trying to sell.

For years afterwards, Dickinson and Banks were in something of a public feud, shooting each other in the press. Dickinson accused Banks of mistreatment and criticized Model as being “rigged”, as reported by Weekly entertainment. However, they finally repaired the fences in 2014.

“The only regret I have had is speaking ill of Miss Tyra Banks when I was not speaking with a sober mindset,” she said We Weekly This year. “I’m terribly sorry for all the antagonistic things I’ve said about her in the past. It’s just because I was hurt to be fired from the show.”

Janice Dickinson in 2019
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During and after departure ModelDickinson dove headfirst into reality TV, appearing in one series after another in quick succession.

She made her debut The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agencya series that went behind the scenes of her business working with aspiring models, on Oxygen in 2006. She was a guest on surreal life that same year, mentored a former Model competitor on Janice and Abbey in 2007, appeared on the UK and US editions of I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! in 2007 and 2009, and went to Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010.

In 2014, she appeared on Botched!, a series in which people have reverse and corrected plastic surgeries. She signed up to correct a breast augmentation she had done 30 years before. (She later claimed this corrective surgery was also performed incorrectly.)

In 2015, she appeared on couple therapy and celebrity big brotherand in 2020, on season 24 of The single person.

Janice Dickinson in 2019
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Amid his television appearances, Dickinson ran into financial trouble and filed for bankruptcy in 2013. According to Los Angeles Times, she owned $1 million to creditors, including the IRS and several plastic surgeons. She also faced an eviction lawsuit for failing to pay the $5,900-a-month rent for her Los Angeles home, according to The cup.

“I had a hard time, so yes, it’s true” she told Radar in 2013. “I’m devastated and taking all necessary steps to reimburse everyone and I feel very bad about it.”

In 2013, Dickinson, who claims she was assaulted by Bill Cosby in the 1980s, became one of the first accusers to speak publicly about her experiences. She also testified at Cosby’s trial (involving another accuser) in 2018.

Dickinson said entertainment tonight in 2014 that she tried to include the incident in her 2002 memoir, but Cosby’s lawyers urged her not to. She later continued the comedian for defamation and settled with his insurance company. She talked about vacation from his sentence on a technicality of process and subsequent release from prison in the 2022 documentary, Cosby: Walk Free.

Janice Dickinson in 2020
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At 67, Dickinson is currently in production on a new reality series, Model Yard with Janice Dickinsonand continues to criticize the next generation of models.

She called famous sisters gigi and Bella Hadid “Instagram models” (rather than supermodels) on a 2021 episode of the behind the rope Podcastas reported by page 6. “They have a look, they don’t really diversify their movements,” she said. “They just stand there. And get paid millions of dollars. They’re not fierce walkers.”

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