Sega and Neamedia Icons Team Up to Bring Collectible Sound Statues to the United States


Earlier today, a press release from Sega of America revealed a new partnership with Neamedia Icons. Neamedia currently has a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog statues available for pre-order. You may also be familiar with Neamedia from their Pac-Man, Bomberman, and Naruto Shippuden statues.

The statues are each 13 centimeters tall – just over five inches – and will feature the blue hedgehog in his classic art style.

Here’s what Sega has to say about these statues:

Sonic the Hedgehog collectible statues are inspired by Blue Blur’s iconic early ’90s aesthetic. Modeled in poses that perfectly embody Sonic’s rebellious yet warm character, the statues express all of the character’s key attributes that make Sonho who he is today. With a raised finger, a sassy smile, and red striped sneakers, this figure was designed to be timeless, energetic, and full of style.

Each pose is exactly the same between the three statues, but they come in three colors: Classic, Gray, and Blue. You can see the images at the end of the article for the differences.

Sonic the Hedgehog fans can pre-order all three statues now from the official Neamedia Icons website for €39.99 or $44.99 USD. There is no official release date for the collectible statues yet, but the website currently states that they will begin shipping in May 2022.

If you’re a big Sonic fan, you’ll want to check out this other collectible announced earlier this week.

You can find the images of the statues and a trailer for the items below.

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