Sharingan and 9 Other Strongest Eye Abilities in Anime

There are so many unique elements in anime to celebrate and there are endless series to explore. Anime frequently adopts heightened storytelling, which can be especially exciting in shonen and action series. Lots of anime tell similar heroic stories, but that’s every series’ unique energy sources that help them stand out from each other.

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Characters are always looking for ways to get stronger in anime, which can lead to unexpected body parts being weaponized. Sharp eyes and alert reflexes can be the deciding factors in a fight, but there are also plenty of anime characters who can literally use their eyes to defend themselves and others when they are at an impasse.

ten Sharingan raises Uchiha clan warriors to a heightened combat state

Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

naruto is a major shonen phenomenon and the franchise continues to tell new stories with the next generation of characters in its Boruto to follow. Part of narutoit’s The charm is that so many characters have comparable powers that different ninja will use in contrasting ways.

Consequently, there is several different eye powers which different clans exploit, but the Uchiha’s Sharingan technique is a highlight. Sharingan heightens the user’s powers and consciousness to a state where they can not only see the chakra energy of others, but also effectively copy their jutsu skills. In addition, the use of the Sharingan is a springboard to genjutsu techniques.

9 Dragon Ball’s Solar Flare Is A Blinding Offensive When Someone’s Dead End

dragonball is full of incredible transformations and techniques that can easily wipe out an entire planet. Destructive maneuvers have the greatest impact in dragonballbut a solid defense can often be the key to success.

Solar Flare is a technique that releases blinding light that will temporarily incapacitate anyone within its range. It is first performed by Tien, who distinctly has three eyes, but it is not a necessary ingredient to perform the attack. The solar flare becomes one of the the most common attacks in dragonball and an effective way to save some time.

8 Hiei’s Jagan Eye gives him extreme psychic skills and fierce firepower

Hiei Dragon Dark Fire

Yu Yu Hakusho is the perfect anime series for shonen newcomers. A diverse cast of characters are the heroes and one of the the most popular fighter is Hiei, a former villain who has a prominent third eye on his forehead. Hiei is a deadly warrior when left to his own devices, but activating his Jagan Eye unleashes a host of overwhelming demonic abilities.

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Hiei’s Jagan Eye triggers his various flame techniques. He is also capable of performing impressive psychic functions and invading the minds of others. Hiei can even erase people’s memories or brainwash them with the Jagan Eye.

7 Free’s demon eyes entertain many diverse and deadly abilities

Anime Soul Eater Free Demon Eye

soul eaterit’s determined characters have extremely effective ways of harvesting their potential targets. One of Free’s most defining characteristics is his Demon Eye foreboding, which allows him to perform many awesome feats.

Free’s Demon Eye allows him to manipulate ice, which is a big plus, but he’s even more powerful when it comes to spatial manipulation and magic, like teleportation or creating deceptive illusions. Each of these abilities would suffice on its own, but Free wields them all, including the Demon Eye Cannon, his Demon Eye’s purest and most powerful attack.

6 The millennial eye of Pegasus in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cheating is basically tolerated

Yu Gi Oh! receives its fair share of criticism due to its English dub, but the franchise has been around for decades and has retained a loyal following. The issues in Yu Gi Oh! reach surprisingly dire places even though the characters often look like caricatures.

Pegasus J. Crawford likes to bully lower duelists, but he also has the Millennium Eye, an ability that pretty much shatters any battle he’s in. Pegasus’ Millennium Eye can read an opponent’s memories, but this psychic ability also includes the benefit of seeing their cards. The Millennium Eye makes it extremely difficult for Pegasus to lose in a duel.

5 Viola’s Glare-Glare fruit allows her eyes to dominate any situation

A play is one of the most famous shonen series of all time and its anime has officially passed the rare milestone of 1000 episodes. A playit’s pirates possess dangerous and unique abilities thanks to the transformative powers of the Devil Fruit.

Viola is exposed to the Glare-Flare Fruit, which endows her with an unconventional skill set that puts power in her eyes. Viola can read people’s minds and see through solid objects and her eyes can also produce mammoth tears which become destructive whales. This Hierro Lagrima Eye Whale technique is an easy way for Viola to clear a pirate room.

4 Kurapika’s scarlet eyes enhance all of his senses

Kurapika's scarlet eyes stare

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best shonen series of its kind and it continually recreates new storylines rather than a repetitive structure that hits diminishing returns. Kurapika is the surviving member of the Kurta clan.a group of individuals who were executed by the Phantom Troupe.

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This attack was non-random, and the Kurta Clan has powerful eyes that naturally boost the user’s strength when embracing their anger. It’s tense every time Kurapika activates his scarlet eyes and they remain a liability that could technically be stolen from him.

3 Satoru Gojo’s six eyes allow him to rewrite reality

Jujutsu Kaisen is a recent hit from shonen, which also cleverly leans towards horror staples. The curses that terrorize individuals in the series are genuinely disturbing. Satoru Gojo functions as a mentor and it’s amazing whenever he gets the chance to show the full extent of his powers.

Satoru perpetually keeps his eyes covered, but on the rare occasions when they are exposed, it’s usually to use his Limitless technique, Six Eyes. Six Eyes gives Satoru the power to alter reality, time and space at will as he asserts his power over a pocket universe. Six Eyes grants Satoru divine abilities.

2 Lelouch’s Geass confirms the power is in the eye of the beholder

Lelouch Geass Eye in Code Geass

Code Geass is a masterful anime that excels in developing the character of its protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge, who undergoes a chilling transformation. Lelouch’s growing power becomes a concern rather than a comfort and one of his greatest assets is the Geass.

Lelouch uses the Geass to hypnotize and control anyone who makes eye contact with him, which has led to many people’s downfall. Oddly enough, Lelouch’s Geass can only be used on each person once, which is a welcome restraint example when most eye powers can be abused with reckless abandon.

1 Death Note’s Shinigami Eyes Provide Immense Insight At An Expensive Price

Death Note Misa shinigami eyes

Death threat had power as enduring as an animated series because it’s the ultimate power fantasy. Ownership of the Death Note holder is already a huge liability since the tool will execute whoever’s name is written on it. However, the series offers even more benefits to the respective Death Note users if they are willing to pay the appropriate price.

Death threat has a principle known as Shinigami Eyeswhich grants Death Note users knowledge of the names of aliens as well as their natural lifespan, but accessing this power will cost the user half of their lifespan.

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