Studio Ghibli unleashes Turnip Head on the world

The magical character of Howl’s Moving Castle takes the anime world leap into our hearts and homes.

Studio Ghibli sells a large collection of officially licensed animation products through Japanese retail chain Donguri Kyowakoku, but the vast majority of products are dedicated to the main characters in the films.

Donguri kyowakoku

Sometimes it’s the supporting characters that steal the show from fans, and that’s the case with Turnip head from the 2004 anime feature film Howl’s moving castle.

Image: Studio Ghibli

The turnip head is a cursed scarecrow who takes a liking to the main character Sophie, hopping after her and helping her whenever she needs it. At the end of the film, Turnip Head’s true identity revealed, giving the character another layer of depth and charm that resonates with audiences long after watching the movie.

So when Donguri Kyowakoku announced the release of a new product called the Howl’s Moving Castle Turnip Head Planter Cover, it caused a stir online.

As the name suggests, this product is more than a beautiful figure – it measures 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) planter cover, by hiding your potted plant so that only the tips of its stems stand out …through Turnip Head’s top hat.

â–¼ This is an ingenious design, and can also be used for other purposes, such as holding bowls of candy.

The texture and color of the hat and pipe are reproduced in incredible detail, and the modeling is so precise it makes Turnip Head look like it came straight out of the anime and entered your home.

All of that fine work and attention to detail comes at a cost, however, and that cost is 26,400 yen (US $ 227.79). If it’s out of your budget, don’t worry – you can still bring some Ghibli sparkle to your home with these scent gel lamps and nostalgic piggy banks, which are much more wallet-friendly!

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Source, images: PR Times

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