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Welcome to the school of demons! Iruma-Kun is a colorful, family-friendly isekai animated series starring Iruma Suzuki, an ordinary 14-year-old boy who finds himself in the demonic Netherworld, attending the all-demonic Babyls school as a transfer student. At first he only had his adoptive grandfather Sullivan to care for him, but he quickly made many good friends, many of them girls.

Iruma can get along with just about anyone, and he has impressed the president of the school council, Azazel Ameri, one of Babyls’ most prestigious students. From there, Iruma met several other memorable girls, including the lovely mother of his classmate, Valac Clara. These girls help complete the cast of the story and are well-developed characters in their own right. Who are they?

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Azazel Ameri is both vulnerable and powerful

azazel ameri iruma

Arguably, Iruma-Kun!The best-rounded character in is Azazel Ameri, which makes her an easy candidate for the best girl. She has many strengths, from her position as student council president and unlimited confidence and rhetorical skills to her remarkable fighting skills. She is tough but fair and is very protective of her allies, including her new friend Iruma, who introduces her to the wonderful world of shojo manga.

Ameri also has some insecurities, mostly involving her size and strength – she can’t easily emulate the small and dainty shojo characters she reads, and that made her first date with Iruma a bit awkward. She also tends to overthink and get stressed out easily. These insecurities aren’t too serious, but they give Ameri the opportunity to grow up, and they’re charming and relatable without sabotaging the character’s strengths.

Valac Clara makes the friends she always wanted

Clara thumbs up

Valac Clara was presented as the typical hyperactive girl who only exists to cause trouble, but the storytelling found more to do with her than that. Clara, like Ameri, has a few insecurities to overcome, primarily her inability to make genuine friends – people simply use her for her incredible pocket-making ability.

Clara has a loving, supportive family at home, and once Iruma and Asmodeus Alice were invited, Alice learned a lesson: stop pressuring yourself to be perfect and be grateful for what he has. Clara has no ambition; she finds joy in her family and in everyday life, and this gives her humble wisdom.

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Clara’s mom is the anime’s ultimate mom

Clara’s anonymous mom ranks among the best anime moms, and there’s no particular secret to how she did it. Clara’s mom runs a happy and loving home to the point where everyone, including herself, starts singing and dancing to make a point or introduce themselves. Only the best demonic mother could raise a family like this.

Clara’s mother keeps her children happy and busy all day long, and she also defeated the dreaded Shabu-Shabu with one punch. Later, she lovingly cooked this beast to make a nice dinner for everyone including guests.

Elizabetta X believes in true love

At school

One of Irma’s classmates in the Abnormal Class is Elizabetta X, a fairly tall and kind demon girl who usually blends into the background. However, when taking an active role, she stands up for herself, mostly with her outgoing and friendly personality that contrasts with the quirky, tense, or even violent students around her, like Jazz and Sabnock.

This made Elizabetta a real stabilizer in the classroom, and she was the star of the girl talk session she shared with Kerori, Clara and Ameri. In the upcoming season 3, Elizabetta may provide more of the same, but there’s also the possibility that she has an escape scene where she really steals the show.

Kerori / Kuroma inspires people with the song

kerori playing the role of kuromu

Irma’s sweetest classmate is pale-haired Kerori, who hides behind her round glasses and icy silence in class. However, this is only a facade; she is actually a pop idol star named Kuromu who can easily draw huge crowds with her performances. She got really pissed off when Iruma stumbled upon her secret, and Iruma, Clara, and Alice ended up performing as idols themselves.

Most notably, Kerori had her heroic moment when she sang for the frightened crowds of Walter Park during the battle, and only she could have pulled off such a performance. All of her classmates were in awe, even though they didn’t know Kerori’s secret, and no doubt they will go to Kuromu’s next show themselves. Demonic idols are a big deal in the Netherworld.

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