The character breakup that made it a supernatural episode

In the third episode of season 3 of “Supernatural,” an episode titled “Bad Day at Black Rock,” a phone call alerts the Winchester brothers that someone has broken into one of the old storage facilities. of the father, where they discover a cursed lucky rabbit’s foot. it is bad luck when someone else takes possession of it. The episode also introduces secondary opponent Bela Talbot (Lauren Cohan), a ruthless thief who steals supernatural items and sells them to the highest bidder. It turns out that Bela is after the cursed rabbit appendix in order to earn money, but the brothers come out on top and the item is destroyed – but not before she gets away with the tickets to scratch Dean’s winners. At this point, Ackles stepped out of the script, shouting one of Dean’s signature lines “Son of ab ****!” The unexpected exclamation makes Padalecki smile and he is barely able to stop laughing.

Padalecki discussed the blooper that made his debut on the series at a fan event and how he was able to keep himself from spoiling the shot. At the Salute to “Supernatural” convention in Los Angeles in March 2008, a fan asked the actor about the chuckle at the end of the episode. He explained that it was at the end of a long, steady shot that had several technicians holding lighting instruments and boom mics, calling it a “large orchestra of 50 people doing this at the same time” . Basically, he said, the plan had to play out perfectly, and then his on-screen partner stepped out of the book. “It wasn’t scripted,” he said (via Youtube). “We were just supposed to watch her go by and watch each other, and I’m like, ‘You get what you deserve.’ And he said “Son of ab ****!” And I was like, ‘If I mess this up, they’re going to tie me up.’

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