The Sims 4 Cottage Living: How To Change Animal Colors


Brightly colored animals and products featured extensively in the trailers of The Sims 4: Cabin Life. But now that the pack is out, you might be wondering how to transform your undeniably cute but still ordinary appearance. chickens, cows and llamas in the amazing technicolor fantastic creatures that have been promised to you.

In this Sims 4 Cottage Living Animal and Produce Color Guide, we show you how to buy farm animals in this new pack, as well as what you need to do to change their coats and produce colors.

There are reasons beyond aesthetics to want to change the colors of your pets in The Sims 4: Cottage Living Pack. Cattle that change color can produce special eggs, milk, and wool which are needed for special recipes, or can be sold for a few more Simoleons.

How to buy pets in The Sims 4: Cottage Living

The new pets introduced in Cottage Living work a little differently than the pets in the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. While they are still independent creatures that you can befriend, they aren’t counted as family members the same way pets are, which also means you can’t create them. and customize them in Create-A-Sim, nor adopt them. them animal care services.

In order to populate your Sims’ backyard, you must purchase an Animal Shelter or a Chicken Coop, both of which can be purchased in Build mode. Interacting with these items will then give you the option of buying cows or llamas (from the animal shelter) or chickens (from the chicken coop). The animal you just purchased will be magically transported to its new home, and very soon it will be walking around the yard to say hello.

How to Switch Animals and Produce Colors in The Sims 4: Cottage Living

Farm animals aren’t exactly cheap, but there are real material benefits to owning them. The three purchasable farm animals introduced in Cottage Living each produce a different harvestable item: Chickens Craft eggs, the cows do Milk, and the llamas do oldest boy.

Your Sim will be able to harvest these products at regular intervals (if you take good care of them, about once per play day). Eggs and milk can be used for cooking, while llama wool cuts yarn costs when cross stitching or knitting.

Some recipes or patterns call for very specific colors or flavors of that product. This is especially important if you’re taking part in the new Simple Living Lot challenge, which prohibits your Sim from cooking recipes they don’t have all the ingredients for. For example, if you want matcha tea cake soon, you will need to know how to get green eggs.

Competition booths in The Sims 4 with colorful eggs on them.

Simply put, the color and flavor of the product is determined by the animal emotional state – and the best and most reliable way to influence this is to feed them pet treats.

Your Sim will earn their first treat recipe (for friendly treats) after purchasing their first pet. The following recipes are unlocked by getting to know your neighbors, humans, and animals: New treat recipes are brought to you by NPCs in Henford-on-Bagley when you’re doing them a favor, and wild animals (such as birds and foxes) when you befriend them.

A Sim gives a chicken an animal treat.

After eating treats, llamas always take on the color of the wool they are going to produce. Cows and chickens can also transform under the effect of some of the treats, as shown in the table below. So, if you dreamed of owning a gorgeous technicolor backyard, here’s how to make it a reality.

The transformative effects of treats on your animals are temporary and will last until the next harvest of animal products. The creature will then return to its normal state until the next time you give it a treat.

List of animal treats: recipes and effects

Name of treatment Effect on chickens Effect on cows Effect on llamas Ingredients
Animal party treat Fills the social need of chicken Fills the social need of the cow Fulfills the social need of the lama Any berry and any mushroom
Chocolate treat Produces chocolate eggs (hens only) Produces chocolate milk Turn llama into brown llama, produce brown wool Chocoberry & custard
Fish protein treat +1 egg at the next harvest (hens only) +1 milk at the next harvest +1 wool at the next harvest Any fish
Flirty treat Produces pink eggs and more eggs to hatch (hens only) Produces strawberry milk Turn llama into pink llama, produce pink yarn Strawberry jam & sugar
Friendly treat Increase the relationship with the animal Increase the relationship with the animal Increase the relationship with the animal Any fruit or vegetable
Fruity treat Produces blue eggs (hens only) Produces fortified milk Turn llama into blue llama, produce blue wool Apple jam and blueberry jam
Golden treat Turn the chicken into golden chicken; produces golden eggs (hens only) Produces golden honey milk Turn llama into golden llama, produce golden wool Lingonberry jam or honey and golden egg
Healthy treat Increases the lifespan of the animal Increases the lifespan of the animal Increases the lifespan of the animal Any fruit or any vegetable and any lettuce
Midnight treat Turn the chicken into an evil chicken; produces obsidian eggs (hens only) Produces Obsidian Milk Turn llama into black llama, produce black wool Lingonberry jam and obsidian egg
Pumpkin treat Produces orange eggs (hens only) Produces pumpkin spice milk Turn llama into orange llama, produce orange wool Any pumpkin and sugar
Rainbow treat Produces rainbow eggs (hens only) Turn cow into rainbow cow, produce rainbow milk Turn llama into rainbow llama, produce rainbow wool blue egg, green egg and orange egg
Spicy treat Produces obsidian eggs (hens only) but does not cause an evil transformation Produces fire milk Turn llama into red llama, produce red wool Spicy mushroom and any vegetable
Vegetarian treat Produces green eggs (hens only) Produces plant-based milk (suitable for Sims with the lactose intolerant trait) Turn llama into green llama, produce green wool Any eggplant & any lettuce

That’s all we have on animals and colors for now, but be sure to check back in the next few days as we continue to dive into what Cottage Living brings to the table! In the meantime, why not check out our complete guide to The Sims 4 Cheat Guide? Or take a look at our page explaining Sims 4 skills, including the added cross stitch skill with Cottage Living.

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