The Untold Truth of He-Man


While He-Man was marketed to boys, girls also liked “Masters of the Universe,” and Mattel decided to capitalize on that by creating He-Man’s twin sister, Adora, aka “She-Ra”. . Considering her own line of toys and her animated series, “She-Ra: Princess of Power”, She-Ra defended the world of Etheria from the evil horde after receiving a “Sword of Protection” which left her. imbued with superhuman strength, speed and durability. , and agility.

Although She-Ra was established as He-Man’s physical equal, she may have been his superior in at least one respect – her “sword of protection” could turn into anything she needed. Various episodes of her cartoon showed She-Ra turning the sword into a rope, shield, boomerang, magnet, and even … an ice maker. That’s right – although She-Ra’s ice maker fired icy blasts from her sword instead of making ice cubes like ice makers in hotels, she could literally use her sword as a refrigeration unit.

Frankly, by the time She-Ra started turning his sword into a parachute, things got a little silly – but given that neither He-Man nor She-Ra could use their swords offensively due to the standards of spread, maybe the strange powers of the sword made sense.

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