The whimsical garden of Spotsylvania is for the fairies | Latest news


“We’ll go on a trip and I’ll find something small in a gift shop, like a seashell I picked up in Colonial Beach, which I’ll bring back and use to create a scene in the village,” she said. . “When I watch them there they remind me of the trip and the fun we had there.”

Felsburg is always on the lookout for the perfect item. She once bought a piece of driftwood in Mount Vernon, dug out some of it, and used it to display fairies.

Take the time to walk along the miniature fairy village and you will see small houses, ceramic mushrooms, painted flowers, a small butterfly, a small deer, rocks with messages such as “Love Lives Here”, a teapot fairy house, painted plates, a small wheelbarrow, a small swimming pool, a hanging basket that houses a small fairy, a Christmas tree made of shells obtained in Martha’s Vineyard and countless fairy houses and figurines.

There’s even a little addiction, because even fairies… you know.

Felsburg said she uses a mix of plants, some taller and some lower, so there are different levels to display the numbers.

“I also need paths and places to access all of this, so I mixed rocks of different sizes to fill the space and sometimes used pieces of moss, which are low maintenance. “she said.

Felsburg is making small changes for the holidays, adding little ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween, eggs for Easter, and snowmen for Christmas.

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