Top 10 Guinness World Records of 2021

Guinness World Records of 2021: As Guinness World Records 2021 (GWR 2021) hits shelves around the world, revealed the latest record achievements for earning a place in the famous book. In 12 fact-rich chapters, here are the top 10 Guinness World Records mentioned below:

Shortest bus driver

Take a look at the most notable sporting achievements of the year and honor today’s top athletes. On February 5, 2018, Frank Faeek Hachem, 57, from Hampshire, UK, set a new record for the shortest bus driver when he was 136.2cm (4ft 5.6in) tall. Frank has been a bus driver for three years and passed his bus driving test in 2017. He passed his regular driving test in 1989.

Fastest speed on a motorcycle while performing a handstand

On August 17, 2019, Marco George, 31, from Hampshire (UK), set a new world record for the fastest motorcycle speed by performing a pear / pear tree, reaching 122.59 km / h (76 , 17 mph). He has been working to break the record for over three years. In 30 seconds, a rat can perform the most alternating paw stunts.

Most of a rat’s alternate paw turns in 30 seconds

The 2021 GWR rats which hold the records for the most alternating paw turns performed by a rat in 30 seconds (28) and the most rat hopping through a hoop in 30 seconds (8). Not only are they breaking world records, but their owners, Luke Roberts and Jess Timmis (both from UK), are also world records! The most complete collection of Funko Pop! figurines

The biggest collection of Funko Pop! figurines

Paul Scardino (USA) has amassed an incredible collection of Funko Pop! figurines, for a total of 5,306 as of March 5, 2020. Since December 2018, Paul holds this record, but his collection has grown by around 1,000 items! Longest rubber chain

The longest gum packing line

American Gary Duschl holds the record for the longest gum packing line in the world, which spans 32,555.68 meters (106,810 feet). Gum wrapping chains were popular in the 1960s. Girls and guys would build a chain the same length as their lover or girlfriend.

The longest horns of a yak

The Jericho Yak, owned by Hugh and Melodee Smith (USA), has the longest horns in the world, measuring 346.4 cm (136.4 in). The cute beast from Welch, Minnesota (USA) is recognized for having the biggest horns on a yak in the 2021 edition of Guinness World Records.

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