Tsundere Violent Anime Characters

Everyone has different ways of expressing their love, and anime has characters that express it in particularly odd ways. Some of them even became tropes over time or “dere” types. Coming from the Japanese term for “affectionate,” there are psycho-obsessed “yandere,” shy and withdrawn “dandere,” and outspoken “deredere” types.

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The most famous, or infamous, are the “tsundere” types; those who act hatefully towards their interests but truly love them. In the right hands, they can be part of a progressive love affair. Then, in the wrong hands, they could be tired, typical, or extremely worrisome.

8 Chitoge Kirisaki of Nisekoi

Nisekoy offers a fairly simple and standard tsundere configuration. Chitoge was just an ordinary girl returning from America to Japan and got stuck in an arranged relationship with the series’ protagonist, Raku Ichijō. Pairing up with a foreigner soon after emigrating would get anyone in trouble, but the two are stuck like this until their families can settle down. Of course, the two eventually warm up and start dating for real.

She also likes to pick on anyone who annoys her, from friends to passers-by. If they aren’t hit with her verbal barbs, she’s all too willing to make them physical if rushed. As a result, most people prefer not to side with her, good or bad. Although ultimately for Raku, he finds that he would prefer his fake hatred over his cold shoulder.

seven Wolfram von Bielefelt by Kyō Kara Maō

Most “dere” types, in general, tend to be female, and this list will be no exception. Still, male tsunderes are a thing, and Wolfram is a classic example. After all, he is Kyō Kara Maō“Selfish Prince” or “Little Lord Brat”. Of all the titles he has as the former Demon King’s younger son, these are the two he respects the most.

As “Mazoku” (essentially demons, though they look and act more like elves), he is proud of his heritage. He hates humans, despite being half human himself. He is mean to Conrad, his half-brother, and insults the new Demon King Yuri Shibuya almost as soon as they meet. Granted, he does warm up to Yuri over time, like tsunderes do, though it’s not every day you literally get up and kick them out of bed.

6 Mio Isurugi from MM!

When you’re trying to cure someone of their masochism, beating them up probably won’t do the trick. Yet this is the method that Mio Isurugi uses when dealing with MM!the hero of Tarō Sado. But she also faces her own superiority complex, which she often uses to show Tarō who’s boss.

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She beats him pretty much however she sees fit, whether he’s done anything wrong or not. Then, if another girl dares to show her own appreciation for him, she beats him even harder. Despite her best efforts, she eventually has to admit that she has a soft spot for her pain-loving junior. It’s a match made in heaven. A weird paradise, slightly S&M, but that fits them like a glove.

5 Taiga Aisaka of Toradora

With her short stature and childish look, others often called Taiga cute. Then she would open her mouth and spoil their illusion. The ‘Palmtop Tiger’ has a fierce look and words to match. Her mood can change with a click, especially when she hears others say she’s short or clumsy. Only his friend Minori, and crushing Yusaku, can appease the savage beast within.

So it’s no surprise that she put her claws into hero Ryūji Takasu. At best, she makes him cook and clean for him. At worst, she assaults him in his own home. Then when his class thinks she’s dating him instead of her crush, he smashes the place. Habits die hard because even when her feelings subsided over time, she wanted to win the boy over by challenging him to an MMA match. She is a bundle of rage in a small frame.

4 Naru from Love Hina

On the surface, Ken Akamatsu I love Hina is a sweet story about a boy named Keitarō who wants to fulfill a childhood promise made to his friend Naru to enter Tokyo University with her. His rom and com combo made him very popular at the time, and he is still considered a staple of the harem genre. However, it hasn’t aged as well as rival series like Tenchi Muyo.

This is likely due to Naru, who is written as a particularly tough and vengeful love interest. If Keitarō dares to express a slight interest in another girl, she pushes him skyward. Or, if he gets caught up in awkward situations with her, he gets smashed into a wall. It’s the passive aggressive girl-boy couple taken to the extreme, because it seems less funny and more abusive these days.

3 Louise Francoise Le Blanc de la Valliere from Zero no Tsukaima

Louise is perhaps the most famous example of a violent tsundere character. If her scowling face isn’t what greets searchers looking for her online, it will be photos of her punishing main character, Saito Hiraga, in one way or another. He was supposed to live an ordinary life in Japan. Instead, he receives the isekai treatment and becomes her familiar.

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It would be fairer to call him her punching bag, though, because she despises him for being a commoner, crushing him with his crop, calling him a dog, doing whatever most people would call social services. Still, she fears becoming too violent and driving him away, especially when she easily becomes jealous of other girls. With partners like Louise, who needs enemies? Yet there are two others that are more violent.

2 Nichijou’s Misato Tachibana

Sure, Louise likes to turn her love interest into a literal boy. But she doesn’t blast firepower like Misato does in Nichijou. Whenever she has to deal with main star Kojirō in any way, she will pull out the heavy artillery out of nowhere. If anyone just mentions her name, she’ll almost burst a blood vessel and pull out a gun. Except that it is generally she who approaches him or sends him back the subject of the conversation.

The only thing that keeps him coming back is that his weaponry tends to be armed with flans and flour. As a result, he usually looks like he had a bad encounter at a bakery rather than ready for the morgue. Misato’s fondness for guns and other weapons has led fans to call her the “gundere”.

1 Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

How do you deal with real firearms and physical attacks? Enter Dokuro-chan, the blunt angel. To stop main character Sakura Kusasabe from making humanity immortal via a machine he will invent, God sends Dokuro-chan back in time to kill him. Only she thinks there is another way and tries to find ways to keep him occupied long enough to forget about his future immortality machine. The problem is that she usually ends up killing him anyway, either by carelessly swinging her Excalibolg spiked club or deliberately swinging it at him when he annoys her.

Every time he dies, she resurrects him for some other mishap or another. She is his protector and his curse, to the point where Sakura wishes he could be killed for good to end the misery. Considering his machine was originally meant to stop women from aging at 12 to create his “Lolicon’s World,” people can understand why MyAnimeList reviewers called it “one of the most sadly anime Stupid 2000s.

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