Ukrainian Kim Kardashian called “scary and ridiculous” by cruel Russian trolls

The “Kim Kardashian of Ukraine” has been the target of Russian trolls amid mounting tensions between countries.

Model Alena Omovych, 27, went under the knife seven times for bigger buttocks and breasts, which saw her rack up 1.6 million social media followers.

But her cosmetic surgery has been criticized from across the border, leaving her to look like a “foolish video game character.”

In the spotlight since modeling at the age of 14, Omovych’s ever-changing appearance has been in the public eye for over a decade.

She is now the subject of fierce attacks in the latest Russian-Ukrainian feud amid acute fears west of the former invasion.

Alena Omovych has been a model since the age of 14

Leading Russian Social Influencer Lena Miro posted: “Once Omovych was a beautiful girl, but in pursuit of certain values, she remodeled herself to look like a character from a scary and ridiculous comic book.

“Here we have silicone breasts as well as buttocks sewn above her stick-shaped legs and a sawn-off nose.”

She is “not a woman, but a character in a computer game for jerks.”

Another reviewer said, “Her breasts are double the size, although some like her. But buttock implants are a nightmare. And after?

Omovych says she wears a corset to stay so slim

“A third boob between these two?”

Another commented, “I’m afraid to imagine what you’ll look like when you’re 50. You were a cute girl, a beauty.

Now traveling to Dubai, Omovych has admitted to having had several surgeries and, although she did not respond to the Moscow explosion, she insists that she is happy with her appearance.

“I have had seven plastic surgeries,” she said. “Hospitals are my second home. I once celebrated my birthday in a.

People warned that Omovych would regret having had so many surgeries

She insists her longtime partner approves her forms, denying reports in Ukraine that they separated last year.

Born in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, she had three separate breast jobs and claimed that her waist was so thin due to the constant wearing of a corset.

She also widened her lips, “raised her cheekbones” with the help of injections and “corrected” the angles of her lower jaw to give it an oval shape, according to the reports.

Her fans believe she had waist lipomodelling and buttock lipofilling in addition to a nose job.

Despite the reviews, Omovych still has a lot of admirers

Still, the Ukrainian has a chain of admirers – even if they are not from Russia.

“You are a dream,” said one of them.

“So sexy and gorgeous and beautiful,” said another.

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But one reviewer posted: “I hope one day you will realize that you never needed any of your surgeries. You were beautiful. You didn’t need to change anything.

“Whoever made you feel like you had to change was wrong. “

Another wrote, “Go after your plastic surgeon. “


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