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The Magical Girl genre has a long and rich history. Since Himitsu no Akko-chan, the first Magical Girl series, launched in 1962, the genre has undergone many changes. There have been countless anime series that have taken the genre in many directions, from dark to comedic. Of course, whenever a genre picks up steam, some series just get overlooked. This could be due to bad timing, version issues, or just an eclipse. But many great shows never get the attention they deserve. So if you’re looking for new Magical Girl horizons, here are five underrated Magical Girl anime series.

5. Kamichama Karin

Kamichama Karin Actors

Koge-Donbo’s Di Gi Charat and Pita-Ten the series are exceptionally well known. However, their series of magical girls Kamichama Karin is mostly forgotten. It originally started out as a manga, but was turned into an anime by Satelight in 2007. The series follows Karin Hanazono, an ordinary teenager who, when her parents and cat die, falls into a deep depression. However, she soon learns that the ring her mother left for her has the power to transform her into a goddess. These new powers attract several unsavory characters, who want all of Karin’s powers for their own nefarious ends. Some of these people even have their own rings of divine transformation.

Initially, the manga was meant to be a one-shot parody. However, the series ended up being so popular that Koge-Donbo continued it for several more volumes. Due to its origins as a parody, the series is deliciously over-the-top, turning a very standard setup into a hilarious setup. The main characters, especially Karin and her friend Kazune, are fun, and it’s hard not to get caught up in their strange story.

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4. Yui corrector

Concealer Yui in the form of a magical girl

Created by Kia Asamiya, Yui concealer takes place in the indefinite future where the internet has expanded into a huge virtual reality network called ComNet. However, Yui Kasuga is completely computer illiterate despite being the daughter of a software developer. However, when the evil host computer Grosser attempts to take control of both ComNet and the world, a sensitive program called IR contacts Yui and asks him to upload to ComNet to fight Grosser, thus becoming a digital magical girl. While the show’s approach to technology and the internet is very dated, it is still a fun and original series. Unlike many heroes of the genre, Yui readily accepts the role of a magical girl, and the digital setting allows for unique fights and memorable characters. The show also gets better as it dives into deeper (and darker) territory.

3. Magic Users Club

Magic Users Club

Magic Users Club was created by Triangle Staff and Junichi Sato. First released as a six-part OVA in 1996, it received a 13-episode series in 1999. When a huge alien spaceship, dubbed The Bell, lands on Earth, it sends a message saying that he arrived to take over. . The army tries to attack, but The Bell clears their weapons, leaving humanity defenseless. A year later, The Bell begins sending robotic probes to observe life on Earth, and although these probes are harmless unless attacked, several girls are unhappy with the situation. Takeo Takakura and the rest of his school’s Magic Users Club decide to fight The Bell. Others find this idea silly because they think the Magic Users Club only knows the basic salon tips. However, Takeo actually knows real magic as she has discovered a lost grimoire and plans to use that magic to defeat the aliens. Starring a cast of fun comedy characters, Magic User’s Club is worth a visit just for its unusual premise that turns several tropes of Magical Girl upside down.

2. The cute LOVE of the high land defense club!

High land defense club cute love

Cute LOVE from the high land defense club! concerns the Magical Boys rather than the girls. However, it’s a hilarious love letter to the Magical Girl genre. Five boys from Binan High School are approached by Wombat, a creature from outer space.

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Wombat tries to convince the boys to become Magical Boys and spread love while defending Earth from aliens. And, while the boys are hesitant at first, they end up accepting Wombat’s offer. Each of the boys then receives a Lover Bracelet that allows them to transform and use special elemental powers. However, the boys soon come face to face with the Earth Conquest Club, another group of boys who set out to conquer Earth by turning loveless people into monsters. This leads to a fantastic, charming show that balances being a parody with a super fun show in its own right. The characters are fun and adorable, and their interactions are always hilarious.

1. Princess Tutu

Princess tutu

Princess tutu is one of the most original and imaginative Magical Girl shows in history. In the story, a writer named Drosselmeyer could bring his stories to life. However, upon his death, The Prince and the Crow, his final tale, was unfinished, locking the two characters into an eternal struggle. When the crow burst into the real world, the prince broke his heart to trap him, causing him to lose his memories.

Drosselmeyer’s ghost realizes he must end this cycle and finds salvation in the form of a young duckling who has fallen in love with the amnesiac prince. He gives her a pendant that allows her to become human and transform into a magical Princess Tutu. With this new power, the duck sets out to restore the Prince’s heart. However, Raven’s daughter aims to stop him. A fantastic twist on the tropes of storybooks and fairy tales, Princess Tutu, is a magical series that combines beautiful animation with a gripping storyline and believable characters. Once launched, it’s hard not to get drawn into this beautiful and complex setting.

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