Understanding Saitama’s Power Level – How Strong Is He?


It’s a question that comes up all the time on the anime forums: “How powerful is Saitama?” “Is he stronger than Goku?” “” How powerful is the One-Punch Man? “” If Saitama was in Dragon ball z, what would be its power level?

The hero for fun, Saitama, also known as Caped Baldy, has been widely regarded as one of the most popular anime characters of all time. And just like his fame, Saitama may also be the strongest anime character to date, or is he?

As a character, Saitama comes across as a rather comical and sarcastic individual. And even when it comes to fighting, Saitama just doesn’t show his true strength very often. He possesses incredible strength, speed and resilience.

However, to better understand Saitama’s power level, we have to compare him to other notable anime characters.

Gon Freecss

While it’s quite obvious that Gon just doesn’t stand a chance against Saitama, the main factor here is that the fight would still be commendable. And since Hunter x hunter is one of the greatest Shonen anime of all time, it would be a shame not to compare the two characters and their fighting skills in general.

However, although Gon is an extremely powerful and powerful foe, his power level is simply not up to what Saitama is capable of. Gon’s confidence in his skills and overall combat experience will give him the edge… but only for a few seconds.


Alucard power level

The infamous Count Dracula himself, Alucard, is an immortal being who possesses a huge arsenal of deadly abilities and weapons. And while Saitama may have more strength than Alucard, immortality simply makes it unnecessary.

Considering Alucard’s stamina and immortality, it could prove to be quite difficult to deal with. Therefore, the highest power level would always go to Saitama, and for good reason. For starters, what’s the point of immortality if Saitama simply wipes the other person out to nothing (which is the likely outcome of this duel)?

All powerful

Almighty Anime Power Levels

The man once dreaded by everyone from villains, All-Might, is someone who completely changed the world and saved it. Not to mention that the One-For-All is also probably the only power that comes close to what Saitama is capable of. Both characters use inhuman strength to perform multiple feats. Switching from jumping instead of flying to using wind pressure by the sheer force of their punch, these characters are on a whole new level.

The power levels for All-Might and Saitama could still have a noticeable difference, however, the two are quite close to defeating each other. Not to mention that One-For-All only gets stronger after passing it on to the next recipient.

So if it wasn’t All-Might, then Deku might be the one who shot him down. Who knows, right ?!



The world of shinobi and Naruto are an anomaly in this list. This is because Naruto just doesn’t rely on brute force alone. There are different types of techniques and abilities that affect the enemy in a unique and distinct way. The “jutsus” used by Naruto can range from a simple transformation into a female character to a transformation of a large demonic fox capable of destroying mountains in a single attack.

Saitama would have a hard time getting used to what Naruto can do. For example, if an illusion is cast on Saitama, it would be rather difficult to determine if Saitama could pull through. Therefore, the power level, in this case, would rather favor Saitama, IMHO.

In addition, Naruto also obtains the powers that make him a god.

Saitama’s power level

Saitama - One Punch Man

First, it should be understood that Saitama is not omnipotent or infinitely strong. While it’s true that he probably never showed the true extent of his power, there are theories that suggest he’s 100 times the roaring cannon of the collapsing star. Of course, there are other theories which suggest that its power level would be around 2,763,900,000. And again, other theories suggest that in order to be able to cut the atmosphere with 1 punch, the Saitama’s power level is probably within the level of Freeza’s advanced forms. Will we know one day?

What do you think? What would Saitama’s power level be? What is its strength?

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