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It is not easy to reach the level of acclaim reached by Akira Toriyama’s fundamental shonen series, Dragon ball. Dragon ball has persevered as a medium’s staple for several decades, not just because it features adorable characters and thrilling action sequences, but also because of some of the more radical concepts it adds to the mix.

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Dragon ball eventually reaches a point where the enemies become so powerful that the merger between two fighters is the only possible way to be successful. Fusion can be controversial territory, but it has led to some incredible character creation in the process. Fusion is something that many animated series, not just Dragon Ball, have embraced, and there are wild figures that have been created as a result.

ten Vegito combines the weird and iconic couple from Dragon Ball

Vegito Blue uses Final Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon ball has staked everything on the concept of merging, and the series has reached a point where there are multiple ways to achieve merging, which can result in contrasting combinations of the same individuals. Dragon ball features Potara earrings, fusion dance and a myriad of other ways to become one. Fusion has been explored by dozens of characters, but the most exciting combo is the first time sworn rivals Goku and Vegeta have agreed to combine into one. Vegito is an absolute powerhouse of a fighter, and he sets a standard that has been hard to surpass.

9 Omnimon is the ultimate Digimon of destruction

Anime Digimon Omnimon Birth Transformation

For many years, audiences declined rapidly Digimon to a sloth Pokemon knock-off, when in fact it predates Nintendo ownership, and it has been able to create such a rich world. There are several different Digimon series and continuities that exist, but the original Digimon Adventure always receives the most praise. Omnimon is the exceptional fusion between WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, the companions of Tai and Matt. Omnimon is hard to beat, but Digimon Adventure sorting. takes this principle to its peak when the six Digimon DigiDestined merge into Omnimon Merciful mode.

8 Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo creates his own fusion dance to form BoboPatch and more

Anime Bobobo Denbo-Chan Fusion

There are many surreal gag anime series out there, but Bobobo Bo Bobobo is one of the most ridiculous. It’s really off-balance, and there’s nothing off-limits about the anime staples he’s laughing at. Bobobo-bo explicitly mocks the fusion dance of Dragon ball with its own equivalence which is frequently used to create fighters like BoboPatch, Tenbobo, Denbo-chan, and BoboPatchnosuke.

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These merged individuals are technically stronger than before, but their creations all speak about the absurdity of merging and how convoluted character combinations can come about. Bobobo Bo Bobobo perfectly abuses this trope to assert his point of view.

7 Sailor Moon’s Super Beryl brings together the best of the worst

Anime Sailor Moon Super Beryl Fusion

Sailor moon is one of the most prolific animated series ever made, and it functions as a solid counterpart to the male-centric action that is offered in Dragon Ball. Sailor moon evokes really disturbing antagonists during its various series. The first wins in the series carry enormous weight, so it’s a big blow when former enemies, Queen Beryl and Queen Metalia, merge into the gigantic Super Beryl. It’s a terrifying highlight of anything the Sailor Scouts have had to overcome before. One of Princess Serenity’s strongest moments is Super Beryl’s defeat.

6 The magician of black chaos in Yu-Gi-Oh! : Capsule Monsters combines Yami Yugi with Beast

Anime Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monsters Yami Yugi Dark Magician Fusion

Yu Gi Oh ! To experienced fusion in different capacities, most of which blur the lines between duel and monster. These various fusion methods attempt to add to the standard dueling formula, but the Monsters Capsules spin-off takes the most daring swings in this department. Yu Gi Oh ! : Capsule monsters sends Yami Yugi and company to a strange new world that owes more than a little to Pokemon. Yami merges with his Dark Magician to acquire intense armor and become the Magician of Dark Chaos. He’s not the only one, and later, Joey also merges with his red-eyed black dragon.

5 Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s big villain, Walpurgisnacht, is a fusion of witches

madoka magica walpurgisnacht

The genre of magical girls is one of the most oversaturated areas of anime, which is why reflective deconstructions of gender as Puella Magi Madoka Magica are such a breath of fresh air. Madoka Magica dresses like a standard magical girl fare, only for him to gradually reveal the grim story unfolding below.

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This is consistent with the strongest witch in the anime, Walpurgisnight, who turns out to be as strong as she is because she is an amalgamation of several witches who decided to unite to become the be ultimate.

4 Naruto’s human beast suit brings Kiba and Akamaru together

Naruto is another prolific shonen series that engages in so many battles that it has to develop a lot of creative fighting skills beyond the standard ninjutusu. Kiba is a fierce fighter who can often act like he’s a wild animal that doesn’t control his impulses. To further this idea, Kiba can merge a human beast suit transformation with his dog Akamaru. The result is a huge two-headed wolf that is exceptional in combat. In this merged state, Kiba and Akamaru are in perfect sync and can add a third head to the equation as well.

3 Pokémon’s Slowbro is technically a permanent fusion of sorts

Anime Pokemon Slowpoke Shellder Fusion

It is impossible to avoid the net cast on pop culture by Pokemon. Pokemon is full of fascinating ideas, but it also teases fusion in a limited capacity. Pokémon evolve through a number of unique processes, some of which are specific to each Pokémon. Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro, but when this transformation is detailed in the animated series, it becomes clear that this is more of a kind of fusion. When a Shellder attaches to the tail of a Slowpoke, this triggers the transformation into Slowbro, which further pairs these two Pokémon into a hybrid.

2 Voltron is formed when the five Lion Mechs come together

The kind mecha anime is another swollen area in the middle. Hundreds of giant robot series exist, but Voltron: Legendary Defender is easily one of the most remarkable, in large part because of the concept of creative fusion that is at its heart. Voltron is the end result after merging the five Lion mechas into a considerably larger robot. It’s quite intimidating as each Leo is dangerous and gigantic on their own before this union takes place. This principle has been reproduced endlessly in other mecha series, but it is still widely associated with Voltron.

1 Yu Yu Hakusho’s Gourmet hides a sworn rival

Anime Yu Yu Hakusho Elder Toguro in Gourmet

Yu Yu Hakusho is a great shonen series that doesn’t suffer from the same pitfalls that lead to similar programs. Yusuke Urameshi and his company face constant demons and evil forces, but Elder Toguro remains a bitter rival throughout the series. Elder Toguro is a shapeshifter and he often acts as a sword and shield for his brother, Younger Toguro. However, after Young Toguro rejects his brother, Elder Toguro forges with Gourmet’s body and hides inside him. It’s only when Kurama splits Gourmet’s head in half that they realize Elder Toguro is part of the equation.

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