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Los Angeles tattoo retailer Wanna Be Ink

For centuries, body art has been used by people to convey messages to the next generation, beauty, ceremonial activities, pleasure, and expression. Body art has since evolved into tattoos, an art form that has been gaining popularity for decades now. With numerous advocacy campaigns, matches and demonstrations on self-expression and individual identity, tattoos have become the inescapable symbol of freedom, peace, love, knowledge, of faith, hope and humanity. While most tattoos are permanent, the need for temporary tattoos has also increased for people who need to try something new or who are considering getting a permanent tattoo.

Wanna Be Ink is one of the largest temporary tattoo retail stores offering a wide range of uniquely designed temporary tattoos ranging from simple geometric patterns to intricate artwork, convenient for customers. having different lifestyles. The company was founded to create a space for individuals to celebrate who they are and what they stand for without the pain or permanence of regular tattoos. Wanna Be Ink backs its products with an industry-leading 100% guarantee, ensuring that every customer feels toasty and warm while enjoying their temporary tattoos.

Wanna Be Ink is led by a team of highly skilled, talented and experienced professionals who design tattoos, produce them and ship them to their clients on time and on time. The team believe everyone has a God-given right to expression, and that’s why they are committed to creating a variety of temporary tattoos.

As a customer-centric retail business, Wanna Be Ink regularly stocks temporary tattoos while making sure they offer fast shipping. They pride themselves on sourcing and manufacturing certified, non-toxic products for the safety of their customers, providing realistic temporary tattoos, and encrypting customer data.

Tattoo products offered at Wanna Be Ink

As part of its mission to encourage uniqueness and individuality, Wanna Be Ink offers men, women and children a portfolio of temporary tattoo designs to choose from. They offer temporary tattoos on sleeves and half sleeve tattoos that can last up to 28 days, guaranteed to make an individual stand out. The designs are made in a way that intrigues and teases while showing vulnerability, ferocity, calm, chaos, love, or any other form of expression required by a client.

Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, Wanna Be Ink also offers arms, chest, eyes, ears, stomach, legs, back, thighs, face, fingers, feet, lips, throat, lower back and under the chest. temporary tattoos. They help clients improve their personalities, show the world their moods, outlook on life, beliefs and principles.

Customers who choose to shop on the Wanna Be Ink site can select designs from large collections of animals, birds, moths, bees, butterflies, colors, dragons, flowers, plants, fancy, languages, food, holidays, events, metallic, shapes, objects, skulls, religious symbols, space, writings and tribes. They can also choose according to their preferences; avant-garde, manly, feminine, colorful or innocent for those who shop for children.

Additionally, Wanna Be Ink offers temporary henna tattoos that are creatively designed to accommodate changes in hair color, clothing, and lifestyles. They come in the form of floral designs, patterns, feather palms, a wide variety of symbols, and animal inspiration.

Even though temporary tattoos are convenient, easy to use, and space-saving, most customers might not know how to use them. For this reason, Wanna Be Ink has a Frequently Asked Questions section that provides insight into tattoo safety and handling, durability, and care once a client has tattoos, tattoo removal. temporary contracts and the application process.

For the quality assurance and safety of their customers, Wanna Be Ink has a privacy policy, shipping policy, refund policy, terms of use and COVID-19 response. Customers who need to be notified of promotions, new products and sales have the option of subscribing to the Wanna Be Ink newsletter to stay informed.

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Wanna Be Ink accepts payments from well-known financial brands including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon, Venmo, Elo, JCB, etc.

To learn more about Wanna Be Ink, call (209) 926-6223. For any inquiries about the temporary tattoo designs they offer or to purchase, visit their website for more information.

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